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Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Wargaming Site: The Wargames Site!

Brought to you by the same folks of Angel Barracks, It's a great place for discussion and news.  I've found everyone there to be very helpful and its totally about Wargames!  It also seems to be growing leaps-and-bounds every day!
Shawn Carpenter from Ambush Alley Games has a great blog post about it too and has this nice quote:
"The Wargames Website is a new forum, but it's received quite a bit of backing from various game companies, including Ambush Alley Games. The crowd that's gathered there so far seems to be very friendly and knowledgeable about miniature gaming. I highly recommend checking the place out - it's a nice place and well deserving of our support!"

I fully support the views and Ive already started using it as my first port of call :) Its certainly growing, news is being regularly  submitted by a growing list of sponsors (including me) so its certainly worth a look. Membership costs are really low and if you are a member, lots of discounts are being offered by sponsors!. 10% off from me :)

The more that use it, the more of a home it becomes :)

Check it out!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ArmiesArmy -Reinforcements coming soon!

Hello everybody :)

Before the update, Id like to thank all the people whom have supported me with the opening of my webstore. Thankfully everything has gone smoothly, yet Ive still some things that need look at and I'm always keen on improving. If you do have any ideas, don't hesitate to drop me an email or post a comment.

Anyhow to the update....

I really hoped that I would have had more items out for sale by now, however the web store was busier then I believed and I basically was learning the ropes. Then the dreaded 'work' word got in the way and is still doing so! This will be around for at least another three weeks, however Ill then be back to normal hours, which will give me time to start releasing my new stuff. I'm hesitant to put dates, due to changes, however I can put up a priority order as to what will be released :)

So here it is

Penal Troops ~(Shipping tonight)

BTR160  and variants (Two weeks time)

Rusk IMV Gaz Cartographa  (around 3 weeks)

Russian Empire Forces  (around 4 weeks)

The Russian Empire remains at civil war with the breakaway colonies of the RUSK forces. They  share many similarities to the RUSK forces, however have more advanced weaponry and vehicles compared to the rugged and dependable items designed of that built by the Buzzard Design Bureau.
They are fewer in number and lack the winning attitude of the RUSK'S  (so say the RUSK's) forces.

More news to follow , however here is a snifter of old

Enemy Unknown - Reinforcements  (around 4 weeks)

The 'Enemy Unknown'  increase in encounters are causing a rising tension with the World's Empires and Forces. Frequency of an encounter is increasing as is the number of Enemy forces. Unconfirmed rumors suggest several battles are taking place with heavier and heavier armaments involved. The Enemy Unknown are no longer scouting. They look like they are here to stay!

With that in mind, I will be releasing the next lines of EU figures. Ill have a HQ and heavier support weapons in two forms. Ill also have an assault squad with pistol and shield and couple of unusual beasts.

BTR 290 Variants  (around 6 weeks)

The BTR 290 used by several world's forces will be getting some additional support. The BTR 290 'Shilka' AAA and the BTR290 'Tunguska' AT . Other variants will follow.

Xiangyu WZ993 APC ( around 6-8 weeks)

The PLA Xiangyu APC has had several field issues, resulting in the withdrawal from the front lines. A redesign with additional hatches, turret variants, PLA infantry support drones . The redesign is almost complete and will be sent for mastering in the next two weeks. Several designers have been sent to the Penal Battalions to work off their crimes.

Unconfirmed rumors also suggest that several other projects are coming to fruition, however with a few unexpected items jumping the queue as my minions churn out the masters etc ( minions being me...)

So...lots to come, lots being planned, lots being designed, including brand new items and some forces are getting reinforcements to complete the line :)

Ill keep the usual places updated!



Tuesday, 29 July 2014

ArmiesArmy is very pleased to announce a 10% savings for pre-orders of its new Penal Force

ArmiesArmy is very pleased to announce a 10% savings for pre-orders of its new Penal Force

Penal battalion service in infantry roles was the most common use of Prisoners whether they were political prisoners, convicts, P.O.W’s or troops who had failed in previous duties and were viewed by many prisoners as tantamount to a death sentence.
Prisoners sentenced to infantry units were eligible for commutation of sentence and assignment to an Army line unit if they survived their sentence or had accomplished extremely heroic deeds in combat. They could also theoretically receive military decorations for outstanding service and if released were considered fully rehabilitated, though those suspected of political disloyalties remained marked men.
In reality, the promise of rehabilitation was (in most cases) pure propaganda; penal battalions were administered and commanded by the field unit HQ’s, who treated Penal Troops as a worthless subspecies of soldier, useful only for absorbing heavy casualties that would otherwise be inflicted on a more worthy unit.
The penal troopers thus faced little prospect of escape, ensured by the use of explosive neck devices, activated with zero hesitation if so much as the slightest hesitation was shown!
The R.U.S.K and PLA forces both regularly use Penal Forces. With limited firepower and no body armour these troops are also nice for converting to several other troop types.
To launch the new troops, I’ll be offering a preorder special of 10% off all Penal Troopers.  The offer will close in 2 weeks’ time and Items posted within the month.  
Ill also be offering new Army pack special of 6 packs of Penal troops and one pack of either Rusk HQ troops or Sino/PLA  HQ. 

Codes are
AA401 pack – 5 unique Penal troops  
AA420 pack – 6 packs of Penal troops and 1 Rusk HQ troop
AA421 pack – 6 packs of Penal troops and 1 Sino/PLA HQ troop

We have plans to extend the range as well, and are always happy to hear your suggestions!

All packs can be found on  my shop

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hammers slammers forces

John T from hammers slammers fame has kindly included my troops as some of his merc forces and the latest being discussed is the Stewart Regiment. As it happens I've some never released commonwealth forces Scots guards which fit rather well. They wear the glengarry hat.

I painted one up quickly for John to check, thought I'd post it here :)

Other forces that have been used include the British forces as  Marvelan Confederacy Enforcement Corps (MCEC) 
and my PLA forces as  Hiroseki National Army :) Follow the links to see them and have a look at the entire Hammers Site. It is  very, very good!


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bravo Charlie One .....

Lone Wolf Bravo Charlie One heading to exit point Echo, after a succesful recon misson

This is a head variant (possibility) of my British Commonwealth SAS/Commandos

Let me know what you think. Im trying a few out :)


Thursday, 26 June 2014 IS OPEN .....NEW WEBSTORE with 10% offer now open !

The time has finally arrived….After much gnashing of teeth and some serious testing of my first spin caster; ArmiesArmy is ready and proud to open its very own web store at
With this opening I’d like to offer everyone a 10% discount on all items. Please use the coupon AAOPEN during the shopping process. Simply add it in the coupon box. 

I’ve done extensive testing of the site but if you do find problems please send me an email to

It has been tested for mac and PC users and I and finishing the final touches on a functioning mobile version working very soon to. 

The new store will carry the entire Armies Army range, including all the favorites once only available at the great Black Hat miniatures and quite a few new items.
Our newest release, the Future War PLA range, will be available for the first time in full with an expanded line, including infantry, Drones, Support Weapons, HQ and Heavier Weapons.
I’ve also expanded the Rusk Militia line with much requested HQ and support weapons.

I have several new vehicles and Forces in development and I’ll be making them available over the next few months. I’ve had some excellent feedback on them and I’m excited to finish up production and release them. I’ll be updating all the usual places and you can follow me on my blog, linked from

As always I’m happy to listen to ideas and feedback, particularly around the website, so I can iron out any gremlins that pop up!

Thanks and welcome to my store :)

Keith, ArmiesArmy

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PLA, better pic

I hope, easier to select and zoom

News.....PLA are on the move

Webpage shop ready very very soon and as part of the launch, Ive a flashed out Sino PLA army ready.

I'm very pleased how simple and nice they are to paint up. I was wavering on these in terms of 'flashing' out the line, however I'm now convinced to flash it out fully.

Here is a WIP of the first bunch

The infantry, HQ and support Weapons figures.

Ill add the two infantry LMG drones, two HQ drones (holograph and recon) plus the Heavy Drones plus the heavier weapons teams (Anti Tank, HMG) a little later. I forgot to prime them...
This will be followed by Grenade Launcher, Missile Team and Heavy Cannon Team.

Any other variations you'd like to see let me know. Once Ive sold some.....Ill work on Spec Forces and Power Armor/Full suits

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Liebster Award nomination.....

"Hi Keith. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! I might not have technically stuck to the rules re who you can select but I wanted to pick blogs I liked!!You can see my post listing all my nominations (including this blog) here:"

Which was nice even If i didn't truly understand what it was!

So, without further ado..
Id like to thank my director, my mother........

Ok Alastair for nominating me, despite my poor. poor spelling and gamma and  random/sporadic postings :)

As it is with the nomination, Ive a few things I need to cover on my website

My nominees for the award are....







Most others are already nominated I think..I'm not sure if I should renominate?

And now for the questions.......

Why did you start blogging?

Hmmmmm.....I have no idea. I think it was more of a way to manage and display my projects, which turned into a tool to show off my own sci fi range. It developed into a place to rant, comment and ask for advice.

If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?

Hmm hindsight into what I liked and what Ive actually stuck with. Ive dabbled in just about every era of war gaming you can imagine. I'm sure most people have, however I either keep coming back to the same project or have actually stuck with a theme. This is something which I clearly enjoy and If Id of known, id of not invested in so much other stuff! For some people this is the joy, however having to many projects and limited time, does not really afford to finishing anything!

What is best in life? 

Erm...not stating the obvious ones..

Everton FC, 3d printing and the general joy of producing something.

Fame or fortune? 

Fortune...Id be the Wolf Of Wall Street.....however for gaming.......
(Yes I watched it last night)

What miniatures are you most proud of having painted?

Hmmm. I dont have the patience to be good, however my stuff is worthy enough of a gaming tabletop, however I do have an element of 28mm French Marines FIWs and a WW2 American 15mm unit Im rather proud of. They are only small elements, due to my patience/boredom threshold.

How do you deal with burn out?

I just concentrate on real paid work....I then realize that its FAR worse then painting/modelling and find pretty refreshed. I think my problem is boredom, I jump between projects daily. It means I get a little bit done at a time, before finally returning to it. Its like a circle of projects.

Why is a raven like a writing desk? 

Are you on crack? :) Seriously I have not idea what this is, so Im changing the question.

 Who would win a fight. A Tiger or a Lion? 

Tiger.....trained to fight alone

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars.

Definitely star trek. I think its mostly because it was the first 'effects' that truly caught my imagination. Star Trek was sort of Doctor Who. Quarry scene over and over....
 As a boy I was obsessed with Star Wars, well the action figures. Had them all! The newer films ....meh not so excited, unlike the newer Star Trek which I really do enjoy.

If you had to stick to one set  of figures for the rest of you life ? own :) Seriously, It would force me to broaden my releases! :)

What is your favourite takeaway?

Im really struggling with this one. It has to be either Indian or Kebab. I mean proper Kebab, none of that donna muck!  I always think you get a takeaway, because its not something you can recreate at home, you can get close, however with an Indian or a Kebab you cant really create something like it. All attempts just don't quite live up to the one you can buy from a takeaway.  Its same as fish and chips, well Northern Chippy. Home is Liverpool and the chips are not as good down here, nor is the fact you cant buy gravy!

and thats about it! I shall be updating those that I ahve nominated later today and replying to Alastair! I did look up the rules, however Ive found around 1342 variations...!



Sunday, 4 May 2014

ArmiesArmy Updates

Hi  all

Its been a while and releases have slowed down somewhat due to several reasons. The first being that I am creating my own webstore. Im moving on from BlackHat Miniatures (huge thanks to them though) as I try to create my own little empire. Its going be small for a quite a while, however I hope to invest all my profit...(i hope) into other lines of figures branching out into moderns and other ideas. As it is, Ive decided to hold off all my crop of (ready and nearly ready) models until Ive got my own shop open. Ill then have a big launch with lots of new stuff .

Some items to look out for are the PLA HQ sets, support weapons, heavy support weapons, Gun Drones and APC.

For the Enemy Uknown Ill have the Support Weapons, HQ with Alien Leader, Assault Squad and a Heavy weapons platform.

For the my Rusks, Ill have some unreleased  forces and a few new packs and my BTR 160 (plus variants). Ill also have the Cartographa scout vehicle; internal security vehicles the Remizov, Dukhovich and Kresik; The Normovich series of vehicles and trailers

And finally in the scifi world the NEW Imperial Russian forces (Whites). This range will consist of infantry squads, LMGs' RPG's, Support Weapons, Snipers and HQ, including a APC and Heavy Tank. 

For the modern range, Ive started off with the ZIPRA Rhodesian forces. They can be used for pretty much ANY African region from the 70's up to today, given the nature of uniforms and weapons being very similar. This will be followed by some more specific forces...if they actually sell :)

So.....please keep in touch and Ill make more annoucements when Im closer to opening the store! All members following my blog will be intitled to a royalty card (yet to work out) which will give you first dabs on preorders and more importantly a discount.

Thanks all



Just for a reminder :)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A new dawn......

It is here.......................

My Tiranti Casting Machine and Melting pot!

I picked it up this afternoon with the face of a proud father! The wife just shook her head and wandered off. Ha....she has no idea the fun this will bring me!

and yes.....that is a new fire Extinguisher....! Ive also got a leather apron, eye protection and heavy leather gloves. Hopefully Ill never need them. Next up a rather important purchase....the metal! Thankfully Mike from BlackHat bulk bought some extra as he knew Id be after some. With any luck I can pick it up over the long weekend with some molds and give it a spin...pun intended....

Soon as I have the hang of it, get some organisation (Mrs will add that) and start the website Ill be launching ArmiesArmy very own webstore!