Armies Army

Armies Army
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Tuesday 27 March 2018

Fancy the Falklands.....

Well I do :)

Since I have some time to my hobby again, Ive been thinking on the Falklands War. I had was chatting with a mate about the conflict and he was asking on Argentinian infantry figures and I started thinking the PSC metal range of Dutch infantry should work out quite nice. They have M1 helmets and SLR, GPMG, 50 cal weapons and so did the Argentinian forces. Being chunky they also look like cold weather gear, with the exception of the large hoods and googles some of the troops had.

So with a little green stuff....voila

just a dab of green stuff , literally 30 seconds per figure. Little longer for the goggles, however once they have a coat of paint on I think they will look ok !


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