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Armies Army
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Thursday 10 August 2017

Back to blogging! Plus some Swedish forces!


It's been so long since my last blog updates, so I thought Id start afresh with news about a new kickoff that I will be running in the next 4 weeks or so.  The Canadians and Dutch are 95% done with the final lot shipping this weekend (awaiting more Canadian popular!)

This time I shall be concentrating a little further North in the Nordic regions...Sweden to be precise! I love the unusual Swedish equipment and could not resist. Ill be running it via my kickoff campaign as the previous one, however with some major surgery! That is given the popularity of the previews Ive shown so far I will be making sure that all of the items are in production before I even start it. This gives me the advantage of getting items in stock and ready to be packed, rather then having to rely on my production suppliers to work to a time table and more importantly to the described level of quality I asked for!!!:) Injuries, errors and many other things all delayed my launch and I really do not want that to happen. So with a little (lot...) of investment on my behalf I aim to all items 3d printed, infantry sculpted, moulds created and the production in full flow.

As for the Swedes I will be creating all of the major vehicles - S Tank, Ikv 91, Centurion Mk 5/2 and for the infantry the C303 tbg 1111 and the PBV 302.  Infantry wise I will have the usual company level forces based on 8 man squads. This includes the Bantam ATGM, RBS 70 Ground to Air missiles, flare launchers, medics and all the usual stuff:)

The 3d renders are all complete and will be sent to the 3d printer next week and all of the infantry sculpts are in the process of being sculpted by my talented sculptor. 

Ill continue to update this blog more regularly I promise. I also use my  page and post to several of the related groups.

Thanks all


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  1. Fantastic news! Finally quality 15mm swedes👍🏻
    Would Love to see the CV90 but I know that one isnt cold war😝
    Can finally paint my countrys military!
    Jag tackar och bugar (I thank you and bow)