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Armies Army
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Friday 24 February 2012

Whats coming next - update

Hello all, quick update

Id like to say a quick thanks to everyone who has supported my adventure, particular to those as Ive now sold over 45 packs! A great start and beyond all of my expectations. Still a long way to go to breakeven, another 150 packs would do it :) however its allowing me to start the next set with some confidence!

So here is what is currently under 'sculpt'

The HQ
2 officers . Doing officer type stuff- looking and pointing :) One without helmet. One of these is going to have a rifle so it can be swapped with the squad commander with pistol in the unit pack
One medic, same basic infantry, however give him a small scanner in his hand and a backpack.
One comms man - basic infantry with comms backpack and rifle
1 politikal officer - basic infantry - however with commisoners type hat. Ill add a picture of what I mean (politcal officer). Pistol
Support Weapons squad.

This can bolster the unit pack or provide a support unit

1 similar to lmg, however with gatling gun.
1 rifleman carrying ammo for gat gun
One additional lmg gunner - new stance
one with some heavy plasma/gauss gun -
one rifle man carrying ammo for plasma/gauss gun.

Heave weapons

ATG gun -  a depoyable portable rail gun.
The ATG gun has a two man crew. However rather then manning a gun,  both are kneeling, one with binocular type device and one holding a keypad, laptop type thing.  They will be remote controlled weapons. So the crew set can fire all weapons.

I will also have a loader. This will be a bit different in that I want a standard infantry man, in exoskelatan suit.  Its  a basic infantry  with skeleton on his outside legs, arms, feet and chest. Helps load and lift heavy stores.

Missile sled. It will be a mini AEGIS combat system able to launch Artillery (mortar) rockets, AA missiles or anything else you like!
A second sled will carry ammo or deployable units

and thats about it for now. Hopefully you will like them :)




  1. Sounds awesome, looking forward to getting the first lot painted ;)

  2. Good to hear you've started off well.

    Can't wait to see the new arrivals in my letterbox and your future plans.


  3. Got my order in just yesterday of the first wave. These troopers look great, and will form the core of some fast-attack rebels. Nicely done, I look forward to picking more up!

  4. Keep going AA- you are building up some support, me included! Looking forward to the next wave and the next order. Should have some painted minis up on the blog before too long!

  5. Good to hear thanks

    Everyone please send me pics of your painted minis it would be good to see what people have adapted for

    I feel a painting competition coming along!


  6. Put me in the queue for the new stuff when it appears!