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Armies Army
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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Into Production


a little delay and a little bit of drama later, well a lot of drama later I am ready to start the master mould and production.  The drama? Well , I'll not start, as Ill go on, however I used a new company for a one off sculpt. Well two sculpts. It was before I knew my normal mould expert (who is brilliant) could do a shared mould. I wanted just a couple of copies of each figure for conversions. Very cheap as I only paid for share.  Anyhow, after several excuses about delays it turns out they lost the two sculpts!....see I did start...its really got me annoyed!

In fairness it looks like the company I used, were messed about by a third party company and have offered to replace both miniatures and costs. So I hope to have these re sculpted soon

The lesson.....I should ask my mentor at Black Hat Miniatures before jumping in with something else!

Anyhow, back to my production. I have in the process of production

Light weapons support

4 gun teams. 2 x 2 man squads. One has plasma launcher, two have mini Gatling gun, one has shoulder launched multi purpose missile.

HQ team

1 Comms/Grid
1 Medic
3 Officers

Heavy Gun Team

2 man crew with Grenade Launcher
2 man crew with Heavy Machine Gun
2 man crew with Heavy Gauss/Rail Anti Tank gun

I also have in the production mould some new weapons for the conversions I talked about a while back. These will be used for converting my current troops.The rifles will provide a more futuristic gun.

I also have some new heads for conversions. Again Ill use these for converting the troops. It will give them a more militia feel with a variation of mixed lower tech headgear

So whats missing....well the two sculpts for starts.  First is the Commissioner and second was the ATG rail gunner /sniper.   I'm annoyed as I may have to delay production release as I want a big one off release with full platoons etc on offer

ho hummmmmm

nearly but not quite


  1. Ach, does sound like a little bit of drama indeed. Looks like an awesome lineup of new stuff so it'll make it all worth it.

  2. Thanks Mik

    hopefully wont be a big delay. Ive had enough of them already :)