Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Friday 2 August 2013

RUSK (Neo Sov) Reinformcents.....Glasnost is definately over.....

Its been while coming....however this will be my first vehicle release....Horraahhh I say. It still needs to be printed , cleaned, molded and made ready, however this will be one of my first releases so I thought Id give a sneak peak!

Its the  BTR 290, professionally sculpted by CoolHands 3d models. A mighty fine job he did to! (I think :))

What on earth are those VTOL jets and fans I hear you say....well lets just say the BTR can also provide its own long distance lift capability! The lift capability is removed until a long distance drop is required and travels like conventional vehicles. The VTOL harrier type exhaust/jets power the lift fans with assistance from 6 thrusters.

 The BTR can carry 10 troops and packs heavy cannon and Gatling gun HMG for support.

Their has been several unconfirmed reports of variations....

Ill be adding some additional renders with a little more detail as I have them. Hope you like them.


  1. ZOMG!!!! IT'S COOL!! IT'S COOL!!!! IT'S COOOOL!!!!

    Two questions:

    predicted price range?

    dimensions (possibly in millimeters)?

  2. It's big!

    79mm x 32mm x 19mm

    Cost will be around £6.50- 7 depends on materials and print costs etc

    I'm glad you like them


  3. The VDV have always been found of air deployable armor :P

  4. If that comes out as well as it looks in the pictures, I'm buying!