Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Thursday 16 January 2014

PLA /SINO update...

A very quick update

The HQ set and weapons support are being mastered as we speak. Should be available at BlackHat very soon.

The HQ consists of Recon Drone, Command Drone with Holograph and 3 command figures.

The weapons support consists of 3 MG's  (ideal for those that want to replace their fire team drones with Infantry) and 2 AntiTank Gunners. Again this can be used to supplement your fireteams

Heavy weapons teams are being mastered, however I will need to work on some of them for varying heavy weapons. These will be an alternative to a drone Heavy Weapons Team.

An APC with two turret options will also be ready soon :) This will likely be another preorder in the very near future. The reason for the preorder is simply to judge how many I will initially sell.

A heavy Tank will then follow. Ive only just started on this, however it will incorporate alot of the concepts around the APC, noticeably the armor.




  1. Sound like a plan liking the holograph drone :D

  2. Awesome! Thanks very much, I'll be watching for their release!

  3. Sweet! Cant wait to see the Heavy weapons and support figs. Will the HQ section come with the holograph?