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Armies Army
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Friday 10 October 2014

BTR160 Pre Orders are starting!

ArmiesArmy is very pleased to announce the Pre Order for the BTR 160 APC!
                                     10% off and Free Stowage Pack for all preorders

Starting Saturday 10th of October; ArmiesArmy will be taking preorders of its BTR 160 range of vehicles. The venerable BTR 160, once described as the most exported Military Vehicle in the Galaxies is now available for your forces!

Pre orders will each receive 10% off and a ‘stowage/aerial’ pack that can be used for adding that little bit of individualism to their vehicle. I will be taking bookings until the 26th of October. Vehicles will be shipped within two weeks of close.

Several Variants will be on offer.
BTR 160 Heavy APC
BTR 160 Air Defense Vehicle
BTR 160 Rocket Artillery (Katyusha)
BTR 160 Mortar Vehicle
BTR 160 Ambulance
BTR 160 Supply and Repair
BTR 160 Engineer Vehicle
BTR 160 Drone Carrier

More details and pictures can be found at



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