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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Thursday 12 March 2015

ArmiesArmy Acquires Black Hats 15mm SciFi range!

I'm very pleased to announce that after several months of tense negotiations between representatives of ArmiesArmy and BlackHat Miniatures a deal has been struck for the acquisition of Blackhats 15mm sci range. Given the Global scale and likely investigation by  the UK  mergers and acquisitions department it might be several minutes before official word is given.

As it happens the molds are in the back of my car after Mike asked if I wanted them!  Ill give them a quick sort out tomorrow morning. The lovely little models are just what armiesarmy need for some indigenous species and fit nicely with my Yeti and Raptor like creatures I've been stumbling about with for a while!

Here is a few pics of the new ranges :)

Ill be looking at creating some masters for conversions and give the locals a much needed upgrade in modern simple weaponry. The RUSK AK347 a prime example of point and shoot in any condition!

 Welcome as always for comments on things youd like to see with them :)
I will have some riders for the mounted variety :)


  1. Wow I had no idea that this would be the first step in your campaign of global domination!!

    I 'spose it means I'll be giving you more of money as I wanted to get some more of the little furballs

  2. Just give the card details, Ill sort the rest out for you. 10% service charge though

  3. Well done Keith. I know that feeling, feels good. Just like Laserburn for me.

    Happy Planning.


  4. Just what I need for the Sasquatch militia.

  5. Oh very nice. Well done Keith.

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