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Armies Army
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Wednesday 8 April 2015

ArmiesArmy - NEWS


As some people have noticed I've taken down my 'infantry' figures from my website today. The reason I have done is because they have been moved to a new home. I exchanged this morning and will in the very near future (post Salute) be available from their website.
Why have I done this? be frank the hobby business has grown past the stage I can efficiently  run it. I have only an X amount of time I can spend on the business and I was spending over it. I was no longer gaming, painting and generally I thought my shipping standards were falling with the odd error. All of them quickly fixed, however this took further time. All the usual reasons many companies have :)

So rather then stop creating stuff I decided to split the figures range away from my vehicles. I also have found a fantastic place for them to go to. Ill let them announce it, however its safe to say they are one of the best UK miniature companies out there, with a fine 15mm SciFi selection . My figures really do fit well in their lines and they have great plans. The range names will change, however not the quality and investment. I suspect it become a more rounder range with the new owners and will be a big success!

As I said I will keep the vehicles and will continue to develop them. In fact, Ill be moving this further with the investment I now have!  I've already new models being created and Ill also have some more news in the near future regarding new website and lines. They will all be vehicle focussed :)

No current orders will be effected

Id like to thank you for all your support and I hope it will continue. I truly want to push the standards for 15mm SciFi vehicles!





  1. Is there a contest for guessing which company it is? :)

  2. No Ivan but speculation is rife over on FB.


  3. I don't have any special info but I have my guess. I'll keep it to myself for now I guess :)