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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Monday 18 May 2015


Its about time I do an update after some welcome R&R :)
After Brigade took on my infantry models Ive been focussing on a couple of things. The first is Top Secret and information will be provided as and when I can :) I can say is exciting and BIGGGGGG .....:)

The ones I can talk about are the latest releases and those that are coming along the pipeline. I'm currently trying to catchup on several unreleased models and get them into production. Ill stick lots of pictures below shortly, of the near and the next stuff . Ill be grateful on some feedback on the next stuff...the near stuff is generally past change, however still happy to listen for upgrades etc :)

So the pipeline

The MBT's

I've to decide to wait on vehicle crew or not before being putting on sale...hmmmmm



VPP1 Dual Mortar (Im thinking of making this an Engineer vehicle) 

The BTR 290 PocoMaxa (Wolverine)
Ready this week :)

The new modular weapon
Perfect for the BTR 160, 290, BDB 525

Now for the remaining stuff ....

The BTR 260
This is off to the printers for printing and cleaning and then straight to the mold maker. The good news is that the metal molds are all ready as they use the existing 290 metal parts. 
This will also have the modular MBT turret option

The Hovercraft vehicle
This is ready for printing.

The VTOL is requiring a few changes. Just await the sculptor to make them  (landing gear and pivot weapons) then its off for printing 

Plus Id imagine lots more as and when I start leaking stuff on the new project :)

thanks all

I welcome feedback



  1. I'm confused, are these vehicles available? I particularly like the 8 & 4 wheelers =]

  2. BTR 290 (8 wheeler) 290 PocoMaxa will be out this week.
    BTR 160 (8 wheeler in desert camo) will be out this week.
    BDB (4 wheeler ) with new turret will be out this week.

    The others will follow very shortly. Awaiting tank crew for the MBT and printing for the VTOL , hovercraft and BTR 6 wheeler

    ta :)


  3. I'm not even paid yet and you have me spending my paycheque! =p

    Will there be a "newly out" platoon pack deal or similar?

  4. Great stuff, yet again Keith...

  5. That VPP1 Dual Mortar is really great.
    With a barrels swapped out and a radar dish on the turret this would make a great Air Defence vehicle (in the vein of the ZSU-23)

  6. Hi sorry for the delay. I'll do platoon and company packs if people would like them:)