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Armies Army
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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Russian Federation 'New' figures update

As first posted last week, I've some new figures becoming available. They will be available exclusively to me and they are the only current figures that I do :)

The figures arrived yesterday morning and I know Im biased, however these really are some of the best work my sculptor Martin Baker has ever done! They still fit in scale with my old ranges (now Brigade Models), however they are better proportioned and detailed.

Martin has reset the bar for me :)

So, here they are in all their glory!

First up some comparison pictures

 ArmniesArmy BTR 160

left to right - CMG, AA, Brigade , Brigade, AA

Infantry figures

Command Figures (An armed medic)

RPG teams

Lmg Teams


These are off to the mold maker this week. I will be following this up with some extras like a mortar team, tank crew and tank riders  :)

Ill also have an alternate 'Guards' version. These will be identical with the exception of helmets and exo assisted suits :)

They will be exclusively available at :)

feedback welcome


  1. Excellent work love the RPG and HMG in particular !

  2. These are great I think my favourites so far.

  3. Love them! They look really great for 15mm.

    Any news on the Cold War stuff? =)

  4. I need them 0_0 want to build near future eurasian army!! When will they hit Production?

  5. Cold War stuff being worked on:) news in the near future!

    Ben production will start in around 2 weeks :)