Armies Army

Armies Army
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Monday 20 July 2015

Russian Federation Forces - Updates

Hi all

been a few weeks, however I have been very busy indeed. I'm basically hoarding stuff.....mostly because I've just had a knee op and time is limited! I am though on the mend and I'm starting to get ready for the big launch! This includes a new eCommerce site, which will help with ordering as it will clearer and easier then ever!

As for the cool stuff though...I've a bunch of new items on the launch list!

So let me update you on the items I'm currently working on!

This includes the new MBT variants with crew

VPP1 and AAA, AT, Mortar


Mortar team for the  SKOV infantry

the SKOV's them selves :)

We also have a few more BTR variants ready for sale to

So...lots and lots of stuff!

Not to forget lots of items already printed and currently being cleaned and sent over the ocean to me :)

6 wheeled BTR 290
and a new APC !

Ill keep you all posted!


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