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Armies Army
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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Cold War News

Cold War......I am back!

well I am back very quickly to say things are 'Happening'.....

You may of seen some facebook announcements ...if not

"Ladies and Gents
I am both extremely pleased and immensely excited to let you in on a little 'behind the scenes' action that has been going on within the Factory these past few months. 3d Digital Modeller extraordinaire Keith Armstong of 'ArmiesArmy' based in the United Kingdom, and 'Flytrap Factory' have formed a production alliance, having entered a mutual agreement to support each others ranges and in the effort to aid and grow each business bolster each others portfolios with new products. Moving forward Keith will now be focussing on and designing a complete range of exclusive 1:100 scale combat vehicles for Flytrap Factorys 'War in Afghanistan' focussed "Warfighter" range of miniatures. In exchange Anton Ducrot of Flytrap Factory will be designing an ongoing range of exclusive Cold War (amongst other periods) infantry lines for 'ArmiesArmy'. To begin with and in anticipation of the upcoming release of new British Paratroopers for 'Warfighter' we have the first of Keiths designed vehicles already in the pipelines getting ready for mainstream production. What this mutual agreement means for both companies is a rapid and exciting development period where we can both enjoy and benefit from the inherent strengths we each have to offer. Exciting times, please lend Keith your support and feel free to drop by the 'ArmiesArmy' facebook page for further details as they come to hand...
Coming soon from Flytrap Factory... British Armed Forces.

Well the bottom line to this idea is that myself and the very talented Anton will be working together to create vehicles and miniatures. I help him and he helps me :) A nice little mutual agreement which will help us both build out are armies far quicker! 

Which brings around what am I doing...

Well its certainly cold war and it will be two nations forces from the start. Some items are being printed, some items are finished being models and the infantry sculpting has begun!
As the work progresses over the next week or two, Ill start to share what nations I am doing :)

Happy for you all to guess :)


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