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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Wednesday 7 October 2015

ArmiesArmy New Release Wednesday! WZ993 'XiangYu' APC series.

New releases Wednesday......... (this will change depending on the day:)

After the 'great purge' the PLA was all but destroyed and what was left splintered into warlords and families. One family however discovered an underground facility spared from the purge which was rich in technology. The Han family being limited in man power looked at The next best thing....robotics
Supplementing their forces with robots the Han Dynasty began......

First up is the WZ993 'XiangYu' APC series. This series includes both an automated Gun turret, manned gun turret and a Anti Tank Mobile Gun Platform.   Each APC has a resin hull, 8 metal wheels and separate hatches.  The manned APC will come with a variety of crew figures, which can be cut to fit.

They are available now from

Available at £7.00 rather then £7.50 for a limited time


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