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Tuesday 3 November 2015

VDV vehicles Pre release Sale now on!

ArmiesArmy is very pleased to announce its very first release of 15mm Cold War vehicles. The first release are the vehicles of the  "Vozdushno-desantnye voyska" VDV Soviet Airborne troops of the 1980's.

These will be available at a discounted preorder price  until the 20th of November.

Available are the BMD-1 , BMD-1P and the ASU-85 Assault gun. The platoon packs contain three vehicles and the company pack contains 3 platoon packs and 1 HQ vehicle (ten total)

All vehicles will be discounted. The more you buy the greater the discount. If you would like alternative packs please drop me an email or contact me through my blog. You can also find me on armiesarmy facebook page

All are available now at my shop

I will be following these up with the appropriate infantry over the next month.  These will include 
tank riders 
DShK tripod mounts
120mm mortars

thanks all



  1. I like the look of the ASU-85 Assault gun. Are these done in 15mm or a more heroic 17mm size?

    1. ASU-85 was done in true 1:100 scale but it could work with 17mm with ease.

    2. No that is perfect, mine are 1/100 figures and look strange around the heroic 17mm figures. Will you also be doing the ASU 57?

  2. OH my! They look awesome in a "flesh" :)

  3. Lovely! Time to do that platoon of VDV for skirmish gaming I guess...
    Any idea when the infantry will be available?