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Armies Army
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Saturday 7 April 2012

Paranoia .....)

Well its been a little time since my last update, however I can assure you I am moving forward with my next release and some alternative weapons. Ive not put my thoughts up so much as Im getting a little bit paranoid about certain other manufacturers jumping in on them! It seems that every idea/concept I stick on my blog somebody else releases similar ideas! I shouldnt believe I am the only one with the best ideas :) however when names of lines even get changed to match my concept, I start to think! :) Saying that, It does help my ideas get released....even if its not by me! Not all bad as I have to remember this is supposed to be a bit of fun for me!

And from Mr Overly Paranoid to another topic, anyone going to Salute?

AA :)


  1. Ach, I hadn't realized that had happened. Looking forward to whatever you've got lurking around!

  2. I am literally just waiting for the release of some bullpup equipped rusks to make a swarm of them them the center of a Neo-Soviet Spetsnaz expeditionary force to fight some GZG crusties...These are some of the straight coolest looking minis around. Great work, and I can't wait to see and buy the new weapons and the eventual support pack (sidenote: Have you considered designing power armor? I want to see your take on that old stand-by, rusk or otherwise).

  3. Thank Lepp

    I'm currently designing the 'power armor', literally as we speak. I am going the 3d route and have a designer all set up to create my design. I did try myself, however mechs are very different to my vehicle efforts in terms of ease! I wont put pics up just yet, because of my own paranoia :), however I'm happy to send you some pics of the sketch work I am working on. They are likely to be 25mm ish and fit an infantry trooper. Each will have either a Gatling gun, Anti Tank weapon or a missile launcher.

    To add - I also have under work an APC and Heavy armor. Which I am very pleased with. No imminent dates yet, however work has started.

    The bullpup weapons are also being prepared. I am awaiting the original greens back to me, to create the production moulds, however I am happy with the design. Latest pic to follow

    Cheers AA