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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Wednesday 5 December 2012

New Rusk forces available online at BlackHat Miniatures

A few new items are now all available online at the great BlackHat Miniatures. You can either go direct or follow the links at the top and right of the pages

 erm or I can just post it I will. Crazy I know! :)

First up are the Rusk sponsored Militia. Available with mostly the same range of weaponary and equipment, however without the integrated helmet and weapon options. Instead trusty old sights have been added and a lower tech helmet.

Also available are the new Spetsnz commando forces. Ill get some painted copies up soon....however given how much is going on, hopefully some of the better painters out there will have pics up on their blogs before I get round to doing them! hint cough cough :) These spetsnaz are greatly up-gunned with modern combat backpacks. They can also provide their own scouting needs with a remote scouting drone. This can be attached to one of the troopers backpacks are attached to a little wire.

Plus the very handy little operators are now available in a pack of six
Useful for many things

And finally the Medevac version of the hugely successful MULE range (note the high level of sarcasm in that :))

Anyhow....Ill get painted copies up soon as possible!

comments and feedback welcome

thanks again




  1. Nice sculpts and super good paint work on these little troops.

  2. Any chance for a squad or two of these with gas masks on all of them? Perfect as STALKER Duty troopers!

  3. Thanks!


    Let me sort out some head swaps for you. It will be after christmas Im afraid. Drop me an email for more details



  4. Just on my way over to Black Hat to order! I like the idea of head swaps with gas masks- please keep me posted too!