Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Friday 7 December 2012

Final Stretch Goal Reached!!!!

A huge and massive thank you! I could not of got their without all your support! We only have 12 hours to go, so Its unlikely I will try stretch into the vehicles. I can assure you, that vehicles will not go away! Ill continue to work on them, so if all go's well they will be available shortly after everyone has their reward items. I can tell you it will be based on the next generation of armored vehicles the British forces are looking, with a sci fi twist! Take a look on Google for the British FRES program.
I can tell you that work has already began on the infantry figures, which will be followed by the SAS commandos and the Power Armour suits. I also have the heavy weapons almost ready and will post greens up in the next week or so. I will not say we are ahead of time as I don't want to underestimate the task of molding and casting all those orders, however all the ticks are nicely placed to help get them out as quick as possible!
Ill will continue to regularly provide updates, show greens, show concept art (SAS and Power armor) and try put your feedback into them. So the most important thing I ask you to do is to keep sending me your ideas. They have been and will be a great help in shaping our new troops!
Again I have to thank you all. Ive said it a lot and will continue to do so! It is truly felt
gobsmacked from a cold and wet England :)


  1. Great news! I've figured out what I want per Project Update #24: For the options deal:


    3x infantry helmeted, 1x HQ, 1x support, 1x commando, 2x power armor, 1x Commonwealth mortar pack, 1x Commonwealth HMG team pack

    6x Infantry Militia , 1x Helmeted HQ, 2x Militia support weapons, 1x RUSK Heavy Weapons pack

  2. Dom
    drop me a kickstarter email and ill make a note of it