Armies Army

Armies Army
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Monday 7 January 2013

Happy New Year and upates

Happy New Year all , may I wish you all a great year!

Its been a little since any updates, however I have not been idle. Well a little idle as it was Christmas after all! Then again..when I say idle....I mean as idle as one can be with two under 3's!

Anyhow the Kickstarter is moving along nicely. Production of the /starter army rusks is on the way and I Im hoping to have some news this week on the status of the Commonwealth Troopers. All works underway! The heavy weapons have also been completed with the XM307 series and I also should have some pics up this week of the master. I will have some conversions and post up 'whats best' pics.

Also more news on my militia line. I have completed the Militia HQ and support weapons team. I have also created a recoiless rifle ,heavy DshKM and heavy mortar. Just finishing the crews off, however I am rather pleased. Again photos to follow!  The DshKM will also have a tank mounted option with two tank crew. They fit very nicely on combat wombats range. (More information to follow on combat wombat, if all go's well we will have some very nice joint ventures ahead of us)

I am also reworking the highly successful MULE range(Ive sold about 2 now...). It will be slightly longer to accommodate the heavy mortar or recoiless rifle. Think it more like the 'technical's' or WW2 US jeeps.
 These will have an open top and a two man crew. I will include a roof to make it enclosed.  Again pics to follow

anyhow back to the day job, as Ive just started a new job!



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