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Armies Army
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Monday 22 July 2013

What will replace the mortar?

As per norm, I've been flicking ideas around in my head, this time  in regards to the humble mortar and my thoughts about how it would exist. My first thoughts were it wouldn't, however after conversations with my serving mate (off for his 5th Afghanistan tour) he is confident that the mortar will still be around, maybe more accurate, however it will be there. In fact he thinks the British love of light mortars will also still be there to, as the Grenade launchers don't quite do the same job as well.

So....what will it look like?

Would love to hear your ideas around this? Anything I use and make, ill be sure to send some samples to the ones I use!

Speaking of which,I've a RUSK mortar in the pipeline, whom one of my supporters deserves credit for. Ill be creating an additional heavy weapons pack for with mortar, recoil-less rifle and heavy HMG soon. Just need to finish the mortar




  1. Sounds good look forward to seeing them!

  2. We still use mortars. But the lightest we had in my old unit was a 60mm mortar. And we only had one at the company level.
    They will still be used well into the future, but I am thinking more smart guided munitions.
    Now as for grenade launchers, I have much love for them. You Could pop a 40mk into a window and no more sniper. And you can flatten a mud hut with a MK-19 in no time.
    I think its all up to what your doctrine is.

  3. I guess laser-guided ammunition for mortars is already in use (?) so a spotter with a laster targeter might be an idea.

  4. Yeah, spotters, hackers, jammers, and drone operators will be pretty important in the future future war fare.
    Just as important as the traditional troopers on the line.


  5. I'm hoping my operators pack and HQ's have enough figures to cover the 'operator/engineer' figures. I had in mind that in the future most of these items will be covered by automation and the actual fire teams. I think a prone spotter with Lazar designator might be cool and useful.

    The other question, is given the range of mortars, do they need to be on the table at all?

  6. I could see a 20mm mortars up to 80mm's mortars being the extreme max range of a mortar you would use in a skirmish game. But then again I wasn't a mortar men.

  7. An 80mm mortar used now has a nearly 6 km range. Remote drones could guide the shells in since if the drones fired they would get detected and shot down. I think the size of the tube relative to its range and explosive effect would go down. Guidance, ECM and stealth would be needed to prevent them from getting shot down. Though I'm thinking I'm speaking more about what the mortar would be like instead of what it would look like.
    For something different you could look up spigot mortars. They would be harder to sculpt but do look different.