Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Saturday 21 September 2013

PLA / Sino Scultps in Full Glory :)

Ive hopefully done them some justice and have a decent enough photo to see how cool they really are!

Each fire team will consist of Fire Team leader and 3 rifleman, 1 will have UGL and 1 will have AT disposable rocket. Each fire team will also consist of a Gun Drone. The automated drone will provide the support a HMG and RPG.

 The PLA HQ. The HQ set will also contain a command droid and a medic droid. These will follow as soon as I have the grav sections masterered.

The drones will be based around the following mixture of drone and weapons, plus a few others :)

Comments welcome




  1. They look great and capture a similar future force style like the cover of Age of Ra novel :

    Quite likely how I'll paint them too :) Great work.

  2. Lovely work Keith.

    I like the idea of the gun drone itself and that it does the heavy lifting for the PLA Fire-Teams. Nice touch.

    I look forward to seeing them all molded up and painted.


  3. They look good Keith- you really know how to empty my wallet!

  4. Hey, These are looking great! Am I to understand that there won't be a SAW type figure in the packs?


  5. Brian

    The infantry pack will have two 4 man fireteams and two gun Mmg drones. Galling gun weapons to be exact.

    I will provide a support pack of Lmg's,rpg and law like disposable rocket tube

    One to all other ideas