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Friday 20 September 2013

Something new......

Morning all

I'm continuing to work on several new things for my sci fi range, however I've always wanted to do something a little bit historical, yet topical. So I'm going to have a crack at the 15mm moderns market. When I say modern, I actually mean the end of the 80's Cold War era! 

It's also got something a little different....akin to scifi And what if? The extra bit is a top secret until a few things come together ! Either way ill have a historical figure line with or without the extra :) sorry to be so none revealing...if that's a word!

Anyhow, This project is just at the very beginning, however I'd like to ask if any of you would be interested in helping out? It will just be helping out with references and running ideas past them. I ask only you keep the comments to the group unless I've specifically requested its release into the community.

I'm hoping this will be very cool and quite unique in that both historicals and sci fi or alternative history people will enjoy!

Anyhow here are a few early sculpts to wet the appetite!

Drop me a comment or email if your interested in helping out. I'm talking figures, vehicles and even some rules!




  1. I'm game but i have to ask are you sure about this project as i think the moderns era is already very well covered with rules, miniatures and vehicles by companies such as GHQ, Peter Pig and QRF just naming three established manufacturers that spring to mind.

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  3. A valid point and something I'm wary of indeed. I will be creating something different and ill explain on the group as I add you:)
    For the generic troops ill be looking at winter uniforms and snow suits etc. vehicles is the biggest problem, however as my figures are bigger then those mentioned ill need some vehicles for scale. Again some of the vehicles will be that little bit different.



  4. I'd love to help out Keith.
    I'm just starting to look into gaming the Cold War and I'm debating what scale to do it in - and these could push me in to 15mm quite easily ;)

    Andy (The Doc)

  5. Definetly interested!

    First, as quite none really does 1980s yanks (quite odd, to say!), the ones with K-pots, PASGT-vests, M16A1/2s, Interim SAWs (okay, this was mostly marine thing, but still) and M72 LAWs! Thats actually the only reason holding me back from doing US force armored platoon stationed in europe.. If you would do suitable figures for full platoon with essential bells n whistles (most obvious being Dragon ATGM) I would definetly get one.

    Second; same with NVA of the DDR, propably closest thing atm is Khurasan minis Syrians, but they are with AKM, not AK-74 which was service rifle of the east german armed forces in 1980s.

    And for third: We are lacking dismounted tank crews, completely! No one actually does them, and most platoon-level skirimishes do include chace where TCs dismount, or the actual scenario is built around those allready dismounted or those being mounting up when firing starts.

    And yes, if you need help, Im interested to help - Im more familiar with W-Pact and soviet forces, and their gear and equipment.

    - Antti

  6. Also definitely interested! I was in the US army from 1978 till 1998
    so I know the era intimately you might say. I served in 24 countries
    and almost every continent. So I'm happy to be of assistance.

  7. Thanks all

    I'll create an additional group so we have a place to discuss and share ideas. I'll be in touch very soon


  8. Could be an excellent addition for Force on Force.... damn it!!

  9. You may need to think on your copy of bush wars to.........


  10. Right then chaps

    Would those still interested please drop me an email or send me their addresses so I can add them to my new cold war blog please :)



  11. Roger that, sent you my email adress via contact-box.