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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Battle for Gliese 581 d - Codename сокол

Codename сокол

Location Gliese 581 d
Objective – Secure Virus Specimen and return to base
Rules Tomorrow’s War

Comrade Forces
3 Infantry Squads 3rd Shock Army RUSK  Guards (10 men squads, 2 RPG + 2 LMG)
                Q8 :M8
1 BTR 290 APC
                Next gen APC ,CRAM (counter artillery fire) Counter Measures, Advance Optics, Advanced HMG
1 Command Team
1 FO Team
On call Medium Mortar Salvo

Enemy Forces
2 Infantry Squads 68th Regiment Light Infantry (8 man teams 2 LSW,2 UGL,2 AT LAW + 1 medic)
                + AT  Team support
1 Squad Royal Welch Fusiliers Heavy Infantry
                                Heavy rifles+1, Heavy LMG +2, Plasma Cannon AT3:AP3
                                Heavy Armor +2D
1 Command Team
1 FO Team
On call Light Mortar Salvo

Turn 1
The British Commonwealth forces had the initiative for the first turn and proceeded on foot to move to the objective town.
Rusk forces landed and deployed.

Turn 2

BC forces Heavy infantry moved swiftly towards objective, supported on flanks by infantry. Command Team entered building overlooking objective.
Rusk squad mounted up into APC and moved to engage
Rusk infantry and HQ moved in tactical stances to cover.

Turn 3
BC Heavy infantry took cover behind buildings and attempted to take sample . (This involved one figure rolling D6. Needed a 6 to take sample. Each turn +1 to succeed.)
Other squads positioned
Rusk BTR290 deployed and fires at HQ. Several hits. Amazingly all hits return to action with minor or no wounds. Thanks to medic!

Turn 4

BC FO team fire salvo at BTR. The BTR CRAM defend the APC and nearby troops successfully.
Rusk forces win reaction and open fire. Several BC are felled in return for little damage.
Rusks advance (A great start! )
………BC forces pass several wounds checks and return to action….(Next initiative and reaction is critical!)

Turn 5

BC win initiative….(bah!)
Several forces open Fire. Immediate rusk casualties. One entire squad down to a man, thanks to Heavy Infantry and Infantry combined fire. Causalities are not checked due to no nearby troops or medics.

Turn 6
Rusks open fire, causing several casualties, however all squads have at least one man standing.
Return fire causes several Rusk casualties. BTR is hit and causing immobilisation of vehicle. 
BC forces successfully complete sample gathering

Turn 7
BTR destroyed taking several hits
Rusk Infantry squads decimated.
Return fire causes some casualties, most return to action
BC forces begin retreat. Heavy Infantry remain as rear guard
Medical checks prove hopeful to the Rusks. The HQ intervenes on downed squads

Turns 7 to 9
BC forces leave the field taking sample
Rusk Infantry forces direct fire against BC heavy infantry. All are hit on varying turns, however all recover using the internal medic resources the suits provide. Slowly however they start to loose numbers
Turn 10
All BC forces have left the board and the last remaining heavy infantry trooper is taken down. Rolling a 1 meaning he is dead. Several Rusk infantry have also been removed, however the Rusk Forces were firing with a full 10D per round of fire and the BC forces were in the open.


Several ranking comrades have been ‘removed’ ……
Operation сокол a failure. The sample was recovered by the BC forces.
The 3rd Shock Army Guards took 60% casualties and lost its BTR support.
British Commonwealth forces had minor casualties of its infantry squads. Heavy Infantry wiped out to a man
BC medical support proved to be the major difference plus the defensive and offensive power of the heavy infantry.  
The Rusk infantry on mass proved a much more reliable solution. A full 10D firepower helped put down the Heavy Infantry troops. The problem was keeping them down, however bit by bit the Rusks whittled away the Heavies. A tactic I should have used at the start. That and the APC would have been nasty. As it was, the Rusk  fire and manoeuvre worked well against like for like troops, just not against heavies whom pulverised them! Different tactics for fighting between quality D6, D8 and D10 troops is the answer!
My contestant Mike from BlackHat used his forces well. Using the D10 troops as the vanguard and the infantry on support. The APC was taken out quite cheaply sadly for me, despite state of the art equipment! The BC AT weapon and the Fusion Gun on the Heavy Weapons packed quite a punch, even against the front armour of the BTR 270.
All in all a good outing for my troops :) More to follow in the next battle over Gliese 581 d


  1. Oh No, they broke your BTR!

    Great pics and AAR. Good to see you having games with your own stuff.

  2. pretty cool, would like to see a few more close up's next time though. :)

  3. A beautiful table and nice pictures!