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Armies Army
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Monday 22 December 2014

No rusk in sight....

I'm biased.....however really cool little RUSK supplement for the great No stars in sight rules!

Cheers gamers. Hope you have gotten some play time out of No Stars in Sight.
If you, like me, have some of the fantastic Rusk mini's from ArmiesArmy, I have some good news for you: A ready-to-play supplement that gives you pre-calculated points values and a few custom tweaks to set your Rusk apart.
This 7 page PDF is offered as a pay what you want. Grab it for free or throw in a tip to keep me writing.
I hope this will be the first of a series of expansions covering specific ranges of miniatures for No Stars in Sight.

I'll be getting some special sales packs for this ready soon!

If popular maybe we can follow it up with some British Commonwealth, PLA, Russian Empire and Enemy Unknown troops to :)



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