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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Sunday 8 January 2017

The countdown is over........

ArmiesArmy KickOff is now officlly open!!!!

This is ArmiesAtmy first ever "KickOff" crowdfunded event. The goal of this is to raise enough funds to create a 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade group in 15mm.
The forces will include Lynx apcs, Leo C1 MBT, M113 apcs, M150 TOW apcs and enough infantry types to represent an infanrty company.

The infantry will be armed with C1 SMG's C1A1 rifles, C2A1 LMG's, LAW 72, Carl Gustaf 84mm recoiless rifle, 60mm mortars, 50 cal HMG and will be wearing the M1 helmet. The figures will be depicted in cold weather gear (not artic!) like all my other ranges of cold war figures and ideal for Europe and Nato Northern Flank.
The MBT's will come with stowage for personalisation of their vehicles and tank crew. Infantry can also be personalised with additional LAW AT rockets and backpacks.
The infantry platoons will contain additional figures to represent the dismounted .50 cal teams and contain a variety of poses.

Kickoff has one huge additonal advantage in that it allows you to select multiple rewards, addons or even exsisting ranges! If it is available on my shop you can add it as part of your pledge!
For additional information please take a look at my webstore. Ill be posting regular updates with progression and WIP's.

90 % of all models are already completed and the infantry dollies finished. The kickoff will end 4 weeks from Sunday and I expect to get out all order within 6-12 weeks.
All items are between 10 to 15% off their retail price and will include extras such as stowage, laws and camo netting.

The kickoff event can be supported at my webstore

If you have any suggestions or ideas please do not heistate to contact.



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