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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Sunday 29 January 2017

The Dutch are Coming!!!

"Since the start of this Kickoff campaign Ive been wondering who else used the SLR rifle and M1 helmet and to be fair its rather a lot. If you continue to look even deeper the webbing is often similar and more so when you take into account its 15mm. Did they have the same FN MAG gpmg, Carl Gustuv , 81mm mortars, Laws ...mostly. On occassion the ATGM differed as did the Anti Air Missile, however overall very little. Then you can look at the vehicles! M113, Leo's , Landrovers and more interestingly the brilliant little Lynx Recon Vehicle is used by the Canadians and the Dutch!

The Dutch also have the SLR, M1 helmets, British webbing, CG, FN MAG  and add a few more vehicles (YP-408 snd YPR-765) I could also do the Dutch with very little changes to my KickOff, which is exactly the conclusion I have come to!  The only exception is that I have added another 7 days on to the kickoff project time to allow myself time to properly market the change and help achieve the initial goal of £4000. We are currently half way with only a week or so to go. The extra time will give us the chance to reach the goal. I do not see any delay in delivery and I am more then happy for people to change to the Duch Forces if they prefer them. The costs will be indentical, so if you have ordered an infantry platoon for the canadians, youll get the option to chose which you would like.

The Dutch forces will be match the current canadian rewards and I will also add them into the addons on my webshop, so you can select options. I hope all this is ok with all my current supporters. I think its likely a win win.....
Please spread the word and help us hit the funding level ! "

Thanks Keith


  1. Hi Keith, very nice! Don't forget the Lynx we (Dutch) used was upgraded with a Oerlikon-B├╝hrle GBD-ADA turret mounting a 25mm KBA cannon in the 70's and we call it the M113 C&V. ALso, the YP-408 is easily modified to the TOW version, and the standard vehicle works just as well as a cargo, command, mortar tug and medevac vehicle (minus the .50). If you need any help, give me a shout, I've built a 1980's Dutch army a few years ago and have plenty of books on hand. Keep it up, Johan

    1. Ive emailed you :)

      More info the better it will be!! :)