Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Friday 23 March 2012

More mod's

Here are some more modified infantry with bullpup rifles. I'ts called the AK-200B.  The squad leader has a SMG version called the AK-200S.  It works in sand,mud and water with minimum maintenance, just like the AK's of old, however this little beauty uses advanced composites and caseless ammunition. It packs a hefty punch, with the option of HP and AP rounds for heavier armoured foes. This little weapon, allows the Neo Sov (Rusks) forces to take on all comers for the foreseeable future. With mineral exploration starting on several new worlds, a little extra fire power can make all the difference when things are up for grabs!
The first outing with the Neo Sovs is coming the Monday after next.  Bat Rep to follow!
 It also depends if I get back from Business in India all in one working order!


 Im just working on the LMG, however struggling a little in what to do with it. Think it might be a extended bullpup rifle, with launcher attached. I may get these professionally redone also. Not quite sure they are good enough for sale.


  1. I like the chunkiness of them. The rocket looks the best out of them though. Maybe a few more smaller details on them? Im not professional sculptor and this is way out of my realm of "can do" so im not one to critique ahah. Looks good, and can't wait for the bat rep

  2. The rocket almost looks like a shoulder fired energy weapon. I really like the look and I don't see that there is anything here suggesting you need a pro sculptor to redo them. They may need a bit of detail work, but you already have such great initial forms and sharp edges (not sure how you do that) that i think you just need a little bit of your own time. A pro sculptor refit just seems a potential waste of money here :)