Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Up Against.......


things are moving on, HQ ready, weapons crew are close, support weapons are being sculpted and heavy armour/assault troops on the way to, so exciting times! However, despite all that Ive been thinking I need something to fight against.Any good army, allways has an enemy...

So I bring to you the Royal Commenwealth Forces....well the concept 'greens/greys' of them anyhow!

Ive been playing about and Id like to see what people think. Very early days with these and an awfull lot of work, however the basics are getting their! Ive still to add thigh armour detail, knee pads and exoskelatan details and probably redo some bits again...
 They have fully supported exoskelatan armour, full hellmet and breather, heavy assault rifle and backpack

Anyhow, let us know im going along the right lines!

If they are simply crap, Ill get some one more expert to do them for us! Only problem with that is they cost more!



  1. Good news about the next batch of releases, Keith! Looking forward to pictures and the inevitable order!

  2. I like the looks of the prototype and I also like the make them sound the quintessential "imperialist" army, sporting an awful plethora of technological gadgets and gizmos but in the end lacking in the departments of deep-rooted motivation and moral tenacity, something which the less-technologically gifted Ruskies do possess in abundance!

  3. Indeed! Good old English Imperialism of the past!