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Armies Army
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Monday 7 April 2014

Something Different!....Bush Wars


Just a quick update on the Cold War range I’d been talking about. First off, it’s started. I’m having test sculpts created, however I’ve gone a little off track and theatre as I’m focussing more on the ‘influenced’ Africa bush war battles s. Both sides were secretly or not so secretly supported as the big boys tried to influence and project their powers. First in line is the Rhodesian Bush war, which was first in line of a series of wars which ravaged South and South Southwest Africa for many years.
As it happens, Id dare say that the African Guerrilla /freedom fighters ‘look’ did not change throughout the period, armed with the infamous AK rifle and RPG, so they should cover a big number of troops. The Rhodesian campaign also saw a number of old rifles like the SMLE and SKS in play, so I’ll do my best to represent them. A head swap will probably allow you to look at some other COIN campaigns such as Malaysia etc.
Anyhow to the sculpt, the first is an African Zipla insurgent. It needs a little reworking of the AK, however given that its 15mm it will certainly cut the mustard, and overall I think it’s quite excellent!  

So much so that Smok the sculptor is working on a bunch more of them for me. His facebook page is if you’d like to see more of his work. Really impressed with the guy!
Finally…..he is also working a  test figure for the existing scenario I had talked of, A Swedish 1980’s Infantryman, so not all is lost with the theatre. I am also gaming this :)


  1. Ooo these are really quite nice mate.

  2. Way too cool. Things like this would be perfect for my War in Africa setting.