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Armies Army
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Friday 4 April 2014

Stepping it up.....ArmiesArmy to open a new WebStore soon

That's correct, Ive decided to step up the game a little bit. The wife hoped this miniatures fad would eventually wear off, however even she is admitting its something Im sticking to, so has allowed me to do a little investing. With the new investment Ill be purchasing my own spin caster (Ill have one in the next two weeks...if all plans go well) so Ill be casting my own  figures! Im rather excited by this.
I imagine that it will take a little bit of practice for me to get to understand it, however Mike from BlackHat is on hand with some advice if I need it! This brings me to my thanks for Mike whom I would not of got as far into this adventure without him! So cheers fella :)

I am currently trying to juggle a very, very busy working schedule and setting up this little business, however its safe to say, when Ive a business plan,  a website, package and labeling and Ive learn t how to cast to the quality Mike did for me, then I shall open! Hoping to be within 6 - 8  weeks.

To add, I will also be increasing the range of vehicles, flashing out the current ranges , adding new Sci Fi and also delving into a few additional lines. The first most likely line being the 'Cold War' period, however mostly looking at some more unusual theaters.

I have plenty of other ideas I may look at, given the time, such as my own skirmish rules, scenario packs, terrain and a sort of sponsored 300 club. This is somewhere you can get your ideas sponsored and produced ( Ive a lot of thinking on this!)

Anyhow,  hopefully I can continue to bring the same great quality that BlackHat miniatures did and add a little extra of my own. I'm hoping it will cover its costs and add a little bit to my hobby! I imagine most of it will be put back into more figures and lines!

Ill keep you all updated as I go along!





  1. Congratulations, Keith. Very exciting!

  2. I wish you the very best of luck, Keith, and continue to be very interested in developments!

  3. Excellent good luck with it Keith. Exciting news!

  4. Most excellent news! Always exciting to see more figures and vehicles being produced, as well as making it very simple for us to order directly from you!