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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Spetsnaz Unit - RUSK's

I created these over 6 months ago, however never finished them due to other projects. They needed some guns changing and Ive finally got round to them!

The RUSK Spetsnaz unit contains two four man fire teams, armed with the latest AK Plasma Rifle. The rifle is a considerable upgrade to the original AK's and can fire in sniper mode, standard mode, LMG mode or even as a Grenade Launcher. The GL round fires a significant plasma 'grenade' towards its targets. All fire modes are fully integrated into the upgraded Helmet HUD. To provide support a single member of each fire team, carries a heavier plasma rifle with considerably more firepower including an under slung plasma 'RPG' round, which can even take out Armour.

All  Spetsnaz troops have passed the most dangerous and rigorous training programmes with the help of augmented programmes, such as enhanced skeleton, heightened senses and pain resistance.

Each Spetsnaz unit carries a fully automated Scout drone to provide greater awareness to the surrounding environment

let me know your thoughts :)



  1. althought gun design is much Russian-like i like these guys, the backpack and gun are excelent maybe,maybe little different helmets than regulars?

  2. Definitely different heads, lots of optics or something or an ominous face shield, the weapons are looking cool.

  3. Agree with the above, the jump in tech on the weapon without changes to helmet/armor looks like a weapon upgrade rather than an elite unit. I think something like the Combine Elite Helmet from half life 2 would be cool and would certainly serve to separate them from the rest of the RUSK troopers.

  4. Sorry to rain on the parade, but those weapons are a little too much "5th Element" for me. Are you still releasing the bullpup-armed rusks?

  5. Lepp

    They were initially intended for the 'sci fi' crowd to use in a future era. A little more sci fi'ish.
    However as I designed them, I thought they would also be suitable for an up gunned special forces troops hence their description. At the moment, I do not have a further bull-pup design in progress, however if interest is shown Id certainly think about releasing some.