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Armies Army
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Friday 12 October 2012

Mule - Univeral Carrier - What do you think?

As it says on the tin.....:)

What do you think? The driver is positined a little more forward and in the open rear you can sit a fire team (4 figures, 6 at a push) Opposite the driver position I will fit a gun mount for a defence weapons. Should be ready in 2-3 weeks if I get the print in time!




  1. This is a better position for the driver in my humble opinion, Keith!

  2. I like it quite a bit! Would the defense gun mount be a universal type plug? It'd be cool to be able to mount different things there, like even a mini radar dish or something.

    Also love the open troop carrier section but will there be a 'closed' version, or maybe a plate/hatch to cover it if need be? Maybe cargo/crates to fit in alternately as well?

    All in all, love the redesign, looks great!

  3. Agreed GunRunner

    Yes MIK, all of my current heavy weapons and radar will be pluggable. I will also create a rear deck gun for some models. Im not sure on the closed version just yet. Im not sure how big it would make it and how odd it would look. I will be working on a larger version though, once Ive the MULES out of the way. It will be a basic APC in the same style.

    I will make this more modular in design so you can choose what you like. Wheels, hover, grav, track - it can have cargo, closed as oringinal or open with troop carrying or simply a weapons deck. Hopefully Ill finish the 3d tonight and get them off to print, so I can touch up the armour etc

    cheers all