Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Wednesday 31 October 2012


I managed to get a little more work on the commonwealth trooper today (still working on name) which will hopefully kickstart me into action (pun intended) for my kickstarter campaign. I am having some design work completed for sketches etc and working on costings, however here are some pics of the latest trooper. It still needs to set, litterally just finished, so the eyeset definition will stand out a little more. That or I dab another green socket on it, when ready

Hope you like them , I have to say I am really pleased! More info to follow


For the keen can probably see some RUSK militia Ive been working on. They have open helmets and scoped rifles. More on that I dont want to overload or bore people!



Comments allways welcome :)


  1. That is looking really nice.

    It reminds me a lot of some of the troops from the Traveller 2300 rules.


  2. I love, love, love this sculpt so far. It's plenty chunky, plenty full of gear, plenty "near future" enough, plenty of everything.

    You're always asking, yes, I would buy multiple of these.

    Also, go ahead and overload us, really. Sculpts and concepts are never a bad thing, but could you crop your photos a bit? Just a bit?

  3. Cheers :)

    Yep Ill start cropping the pics sorry, I used to, then I got erm lazy....

  4. That is a very rocking mini right there !

  5. This is great... love the gear all around it, and the helmets. I like the look of a soldier actually carrying their packs around.

    I will be picking these up!

  6. I to like this sculpt. It remind of the IR on the CM helmets

  7. Yes, despite your self-deprecating comments, your sculpting is coming on leaps and bounds! Excellent Keith!

  8. Wow.. that guy is great; and the sculpting work itself is very good and the concept has a universal theme like the GZG NAC, this faction is quite likely my next purchase.

  9. Thanks all

    I am still only working on very well made dollies though! I just add the extras, like backpack, weapons and helmets :)