Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Thursday 4 October 2012

Waiting is over.......sort of...


They are here and not just the two packs! We have the HQ up and ready.
 This consists of a medic ,a GRID/COMMS Operator, 3 Leaders and 1 Kommisoner

We have the support weapons

Which include 2 Gatling Gunners and loaders (they just eat ammo)
1 ATGM launcher team. 1 Plasmas Gunner and 1 sniper / heavy ATR

We have the heavy weapons

 This includes 2 crew. Can be used as remote controllers or  directly attached , 3 gun shields ( you can also simply cut a plastic shield, so its a force-field shield) and 3 different tripod mounts. So you can simply pick and choose. I also think the crew make excellent Forward observers, droid controllers and quite a few other things to.

Finally I have the  M.U.L.E.S
Grav sleds which are AI drone/ support vehicles. The standard MULE for logistical support and cargo. The low signature and sloped armour give this vehicle every chance in the modern  battlefield.

Then the three upgraded armored versions , with reactive frontal reactive armour.
The Arsenal rocket launcher. Multiple rocket launcher system (AA, ATG, Mortar barrage - depending on load out)
The Gun MULE  - carries a Heavy class Grenade Launcher (suitable for any heavy weapon)
The ATGM MULE - carries a Heavy class ATGM  (or AA)

I also have a scout version and med evac ready to go and awaiting casting. The scout version consists of an update sensor suite and is actually manned.
The med evac version consists of the fully automated medical cyrochamber, which provide first class medical support and  a medic/driver companion. Ill have the sculpt pics of this up tonight

I will have some painted pictures up very soon, not that my painting is that brilliant, however it doe's show a different perspective to what the clean casted metal shows! Helps bring out the detail etc

Well hope you like them all and thanks for everyone's support! Appreciated



  1. Great stuff Keith. I'm away for a few days but when I'm back I'll be in touch about a little purchase- or is it easier if I get them from your supplier?

  2. Very nice. Good to see things progressing well.