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Armies Army
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Monday 18 November 2013

BTR 160- SK 'Око'

The BTR 160 is the venerable mainstay of the RUSK armed forces. The vehicle is now mostly used for second line duties or colony defense forces and is being phased out by the introduction of the BTR 290.
 This current model BTR 160 - SK 'Око ' is the a drone carrier. It carries the Sputnik 240 recon drone. The 240 can be armed, however its primary responsibility is real time comms and surveillance.

Im hoping to send the model for printing this week. It will go with the Chinese APC (to be named)
Variants are being modeled and will also be ready soon. The first will be an APC version. It will contain a modified BTR290 turret. 




  1. Very nice and this can very easily be turned into a mortar variant!

  2. Indeed

    I am creating a dragonfire type mortar as we speak :)

  3. Sweet looking forward to seeing the Printed versions

  4. You mentioned a Katyusha version on TMP. I would love to see it!

  5. Really like the drone launcher concept, but would the take off skid on the model be able to be elevated? and is that the final design for the drone as i think it could be sci-fied up a tad more.

    1. Thanks all

      The drone can be elevated. Ill do some pics to show that

      Here is the latest russian drone

      I thought of that and sputnik. Functional and russian looking.