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Monday 25 November 2013

The BTR 160 - Versions

Hi all

Andrew mentioned to me he was a little delayed (a few days) on finishing the BTR160. I now know why.......

A marvelous looking set of extras! I'm really, very very pleased with this list of items! Hoping they go to print in the next day or two! Again big thanks Andrew!

BTR  160 /BTR290 Turret
BTR 160 Ambulance
BTR  160 APC
BTR 160 Engineers Vehicle
BTR160 Katyusha 300
BTR 160 Mortar vehicle
BTR 160 Repair and Recovery
BTR 160 Repair and Recovery  with Fuel dispenser
BTR 160 Repair and Recovery with Ammo Trailer
BTR 160 - SK 'Око ' Drone carrier
Fuel Bowser
Ammo Bowser

To add this is all modular! They all work of the base chassis and hull. With the exception of the trailer you can have what you want with anything you like! Really neat and hopefully plenty for people to like! Comments welcome

Probably a few more variants in turret weapons to follow to!

With the brilliance of the design, I am seriously thinking of how my Chinese and British APCS will look.




  1. I am confident that this will prove to be a very popular IFV design especially if your planning to have a few more turreted variants, i can picture a rear mounted howitzer with wheel stabilizers to anchor the variant down... nice work Keith and co.

  2. As I mentioned on TMP this is an awesome design and all of the variants are extremely exciting! I agree a light self propelled gun and maybe an anti-tank version would be good. Can't wait to see this in production.


  3. Ive good comments so far :)
    I think the howitzer is a great idea. I'm already working on a Anti Tank gun version...think stryker M1128 MGS :)
    I'm also creating an automated mortar. Rather similar to the dragonfire 2

    Another good suggestion was to remove the hull side bars on the ambulance version, to allow a cross



  4. Excellent work.....a Military Police variant perhaps with a anti riot plow and water cannon?, An anti aircraft variant with gun missile combo, and a Command
    variant without turrets and raised super structure to the rear like the M577;
    just off the top of my head....)

  5. They look great Keith they will do really well i'm sure!


  7. I want that Katyusha and I want it NOW!

  8. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW, Other manufacturers Should take note of this. You have just raised the bar!