Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Monday 25 November 2013

The Talented Dwartist and the BTR 290

I an in awe of his talents!

Very nice indeed. The final sculpt will be even better! Its off to molding tomorrow.


  1. He does do superb looking vehicles and miniatures!

  2. How long until these will be available for preorder? I have some excess miniatures to sell, and this will fund me three of these!

  3. Also, you know what would be cool? RUSK tanks! A competitor for Khurasan's Red Eagle/Lighting, mayhap?

  4. hoping soon

    With the re clean of the model I need to master and then productionise the molds. Ill then need to build stock so I can preorder it and fulfill the orders. They will be available from BlackHat and Ill keep you posted.

    I am working on a tank. The problem is I simply don't want to replicate the KH red eagle. Im looking at something different! Ill keep you posted

    thanks again