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Armies Army
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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Next Generation Vehicles....

Ive been rather busy of late and I'm currently focusing on some vehicles. First is the much awaited BTR! This will be released very shortly, I'm currently trying to build up some stock, which is taking longer then expected due to my caster having to finish off a big project, however they are slowly building up. When I think I have enough, Ill launch the product at Black Hat Miniatures.

Following this, the Chinese APC (to be named..questions on a postcard:)) is off to the printers.Its another favorite from the very talented Nick ..better known as SirFjodin. Hes also working on other bits for me:)

I am also working on a next line of vehicles.  One is a Russian second line/support vehicle of the BTR60 mold. Its a universal APC, with this one being a drone carrier. Other options will follow for with a Command, Mortar, Infantry APC and Katyusha. This is one that a good friend Andrew Burton has sculpted. I really am pleased with this one and its multi use.  It is being prepared for printing :)

Finally I have a couple of more vehicles in the pipeline from a different sculpture again. His name is Handfighter and credit is due! They really are very nice indeed. I cant say to much about them yet, however one is the ZUBR - MT2

Due to the detail, we are both working on preparing the model so it can be printed and cast correctly. Its a little while off, however if you are interested please let me know. To be frank, Ill only create it if I think I can sell it :)

Finally I also bring from the same modeller something for the 'Brit/Commonwealth troops'!
The FV 720 ' Bulldog'

same rules apply. If I can get some good indicators of selling them, Ill be making them. Again we need to work on preparing it for resin and metal masters.

Thanks all

Feedback as allways welcome :)


The PLA HQ , heavy weapons and support weapons simply need to be mastered and prepared for sale. All green work is completed. Ill post these up separately. Hopefully it will give the PLA sales the kick it needs for people to buy :)
These are part of the support weapons - The LMG/SAW gunners

Cheers all



  1. They are all great the Bulldog kicks ass

  2. Really like both the Bulldog and, especially, the ZUBR! Very cool, not often seen design.

  3. I'd like to pre-order the heavy BTR and maybe a Katyusha or three...

  4. Sweet! I am totally ready to get a platoon of the PLA. Lets get the support and HQ out on the production floor!
    I Dig the Bulldog, stout, and mean looking. And the ZUBR - MT2 looks pretty cool. Can see it taking the place of tanks in developing colonies on the cheap.

  5. Thanks all.

    preorder details will follow. I am building up stock on the BTR. Once I have enough, Ill post the details. Omer...your name is down on the list:) Dwartist is also currently painting one up for me :)

    The PLA extras are very nearly ready. They are just being mastered. This includes HQ set, Support Weapons and a heavy weapons. The support weapons (for those that don't like the drones) 3 SAW gunners and 2 Anti Tank. The heavier weapons are drone driven. They will contain 2 Heavy Cannon, 2 RAM mortars, 2 remote comms crewman, Command drone and a recon Drone. These will control the heavy weapons.

    Later...probably Xmas time, Ill have a none drone alternative. This will basically be prone figures firing tripod mounted versions of the same weapons. These are currently being sculpted. In fact, same pose is being sculpted for the Rusks and Commonwealth Brits to

    More news and pics to follow

  6. I'm sure I entered a comment when this post appeared, but it was from my tablet and may have got lost in the ether! Terrific concepts, and I'm looking forward to the next PLA release!

  7. I want these vehicles in 28mm for infinity. They look so badass.

  8. Hey, nice stuff again!

    I heard heaps of people saying that they would buy the Bulldog in 28mm, if you have the rights on the design you should definitely think about this! Maybe team up with somebody and try a Kickstarter.