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Tuesday 27 March 2018

Fancy the Falklands.....

Well I do :)

Since I have some time to my hobby again, Ive been thinking on the Falklands War. I had was chatting with a mate about the conflict and he was asking on Argentinian infantry figures and I started thinking the PSC metal range of Dutch infantry should work out quite nice. They have M1 helmets and SLR, GPMG, 50 cal weapons and so did the Argentinian forces. Being chunky they also look like cold weather gear, with the exception of the large hoods and googles some of the troops had.

So with a little green stuff....voila

just a dab of green stuff , literally 30 seconds per figure. Little longer for the goggles, however once they have a coat of paint on I think they will look ok !


Thursday 7 December 2017

The Canadians and Dutch have arrived!

ArmiesArmy are happy to finally report that the Cold War Canadians and Dutch are  ready for sale!

Infantry, Armour and Mech Infantry all available. 

The orders may take a little longer to (5-10 days) to fulfill as we head up to Christmas and my real job gets a hammering at years end. Sadly that comes first! I will do my utmost to get orders out asap as always.
Belgian forces will follow later in the week, however the Belgium Leo and Kanonenjagdpanzer will not likely be ready until after Christmas. Hope to be wrong on that 
I shall also be following up with the Dutch DAF 408 (with and without TOW) and Dutch YPR 765 PRAT over the next week with some Canadian Decals for sale.
thanks all for your support


Monday 9 October 2017

Sci Fi Sale - 20% off all armiesarmy sci fi ranges for the next few weeks!

SCI FI SALE at ArmiesArmy!
The shop is open and to celebrate Im offering a 20% off sale!
The sale will run for the next two weeks!

you will need to use the coupon aascifi20 in the shopping cart.

Min order is £5
as a one man band, orders can take up to a week to post and a little longer if 'swamped'! Normally out in a day or so though

some things to consider :)



Tuesday 3 October 2017

Winter is coming....... ArmiesArmy Nordic Kickoff

While many eyes were on Central Europe during the Cold War, and the associated flashpoints of the Fulda and Hof Gaps and Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, there were many other places where the Cold War flared, including some of the coldest places on Earth. Scandinavia was as much in the cockpit of the Cold War as the Frederichstrasse. The US Navy had Carrier Battle Groups hiding amongst the fjords of Norway, attempting to come to grips with the Soviet Navy and its immense base complexes in the Kola Peninsula. The US Navy and allied navies had a new strategy of projecting force right into the Soviet backyard, to destroy the missile submarine bastions, as well as their means to resupply and support their fleet. Add to that the number of airfields within range of the notional Atlantic convoy routes; it was at once an opportunity and a threat to Soviet plans. The Soviets needed those airfields to cut the Atlantic lifeline to the United States long enough to crush NATO without, hopefully, the nuclear genie being loosed from the bottle. The Soviets needed those airfields in Sweden, as well as the sea room to sortie the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet to cut those routes."

'Jason Weiser' Red Stars White Lights author

Coming soon!

My Nordic Kickoff!

Im just preparing the project, here are some of the vehicles that will be made available :)



Thursday 10 August 2017

Back to blogging! Plus some Swedish forces!


It's been so long since my last blog updates, so I thought Id start afresh with news about a new kickoff that I will be running in the next 4 weeks or so.  The Canadians and Dutch are 95% done with the final lot shipping this weekend (awaiting more Canadian popular!)

This time I shall be concentrating a little further North in the Nordic regions...Sweden to be precise! I love the unusual Swedish equipment and could not resist. Ill be running it via my kickoff campaign as the previous one, however with some major surgery! That is given the popularity of the previews Ive shown so far I will be making sure that all of the items are in production before I even start it. This gives me the advantage of getting items in stock and ready to be packed, rather then having to rely on my production suppliers to work to a time table and more importantly to the described level of quality I asked for!!!:) Injuries, errors and many other things all delayed my launch and I really do not want that to happen. So with a little (lot...) of investment on my behalf I aim to all items 3d printed, infantry sculpted, moulds created and the production in full flow.

As for the Swedes I will be creating all of the major vehicles - S Tank, Ikv 91, Centurion Mk 5/2 and for the infantry the C303 tbg 1111 and the PBV 302.  Infantry wise I will have the usual company level forces based on 8 man squads. This includes the Bantam ATGM, RBS 70 Ground to Air missiles, flare launchers, medics and all the usual stuff:)

The 3d renders are all complete and will be sent to the 3d printer next week and all of the infantry sculpts are in the process of being sculpted by my talented sculptor. 

Ill continue to update this blog more regularly I promise. I also use my  page and post to several of the related groups.

Thanks all


Monday 15 May 2017

East German Army released!

ArmiesArmy East German (NVA) Forces are online!

Finally, ArmiesArmy can release its next 15mm cold war Force, the East German Army. The first forces to be released include the BTR mechanised infantry and none mechanised infantry forces. Some support troops are available including HQ forces, UAZ 469 jeep with SPG9, mortars and Sagger ATGM. The Spigot and Manpad are to follow.


The T55 -A is will be available by the end of the week and the T55AM2 a week later.

The infantry are sculpted in the winter uniform

Thursday 30 March 2017

NVA - East Germans .....finally on there way!

After rather a lot of delays my NVA are finally in production! I've a significant pile of resin stuff and as soon as I have metal to match they will be going on my shop!
The Infantry are being master molded so still to be returned to me and then sent for production moulds. It should take no more then 2 weeks I hope.

So to start the ball rolling, Peter Entwistle of FOW fame painted up one of my T55AM2's and they have come out stunning!

Then we have the BTR 60 PB painted by yours truly.....

and finally both together

available in the next two weeks (all going to plan) at my shop