Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 30 July 2013

HQ squad

Using the same methods

Here is the HQ pack

Ive started the commando/SAS pack, were Ill do a WIP for any interested in the quick and dirty method I use!



Monday 29 July 2013

Support Weapons Paint job

Using my trusty quick and dirty paint method, undercoat, air brush base, block paint details and wash method, here are some of my Commonwealth Brits. They are from the support weapons team pack. Two man AT team, sharpshooter , GPMG gunner and AutoGrenade launcher

Ive also created a HMG gunner team with the same method. Not great, however all nice enough for the table I think. This is part of the Heavy HMG weapons set.

Monday 22 July 2013

What will replace the mortar?

As per norm, I've been flicking ideas around in my head, this time  in regards to the humble mortar and my thoughts about how it would exist. My first thoughts were it wouldn't, however after conversations with my serving mate (off for his 5th Afghanistan tour) he is confident that the mortar will still be around, maybe more accurate, however it will be there. In fact he thinks the British love of light mortars will also still be there to, as the Grenade launchers don't quite do the same job as well.

So....what will it look like?

Would love to hear your ideas around this? Anything I use and make, ill be sure to send some samples to the ones I use!

Speaking of which,I've a RUSK mortar in the pipeline, whom one of my supporters deserves credit for. Ill be creating an additional heavy weapons pack for with mortar, recoil-less rifle and heavy HMG soon. Just need to finish the mortar



Sunday 14 July 2013

Commonwealth Hard suited Marines land in Hi Haz Environment

Commonwealth Marines first to Land! Full hard suited kit for high hazard environments.

Just painted up some of my hard suited marines. I'm quite pleased with them and they were very quick to do.  Heavy dry brush, army painter quick shade and a touch up.

Friday 5 July 2013

WIP. Sino/PLA forces

As it says on the tin, thought I'd post a WIP of my Chinese forces

Tuesday 2 July 2013