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Sunday 28 December 2014

BDB525 preorders sent :)


Preorders out to the post office! Missed the last post yesterday, so will go out the next one tomorrow. Thanks all :)


Wednesday 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas from armiesarmy!

Have a great year!

I'll be back shortly after New Year with lots of new stuff and ideas!

Thanks everyone for helping me have a great year! I can't believe I've my own little miniatures business with a growing range :)

Tuesday 23 December 2014

BTR 160 MGS available!!!

Something is out stalking tanks.....

The BTR 160 MGS 'стилет' Stiletto

The 155mm Coil Gun can puncture through all known MBTS on the battlefield today. Developed at the Kondratov Factories on old earth this popular cheap weapon is used by a wide number of forces and merc companies. Cheap, quick and effective! The weapon can be mounted on almost any vehicle or emplacement. Fully automated this weapon is a serious threat to any MBT!

Available for £7.50 at


Monday 22 December 2014

No rusk in sight....

I'm biased.....however really cool little RUSK supplement for the great No stars in sight rules!

Cheers gamers. Hope you have gotten some play time out of No Stars in Sight.
If you, like me, have some of the fantastic Rusk mini's from ArmiesArmy, I have some good news for you: A ready-to-play supplement that gives you pre-calculated points values and a few custom tweaks to set your Rusk apart.
This 7 page PDF is offered as a pay what you want. Grab it for free or throw in a tip to keep me writing.
I hope this will be the first of a series of expansions covering specific ranges of miniatures for No Stars in Sight.

I'll be getting some special sales packs for this ready soon!

If popular maybe we can follow it up with some British Commonwealth, PLA, Russian Empire and Enemy Unknown troops to :)



Tuesday 16 December 2014

No Stars in Sight Hard SciFi platoon level warfare

""Tactical Gain of 4.7% from estimated attack vectors"
The AI module kept chattering as incoming gauss fire churned up the ground. On the screens, they had made enlistment look pretty slick. Powered armour suits, gravity suspension vehicles, high tech wizardry.
It's still mud and blood. No matter how good the tech, in the end, you still need someone to bleed in the mud.
Welcome to the battlefields of the 22nd century.
* * * * *
No Stars in Sight is your guide to platoon level "hard scifi" warfare on a near-future battlefield.
Using the battle-tested game mechanics of No End in Sight, the game offers you:
A turn sequence that keeps you involved and making choices about how hard to push each squad leader.
Movement and reaction fire mechanics that emphasize the difficulty in maneuvering over open ground. Every rush across that fire swept ground is a gamble. This is not your dads opportunity fire!
Combat rules that are straight forward and emphasize suppression over unrealistic casualty rates.
A solid military feel.
A variety of troop types possible: Insurgents, special operations teams, powered armour "walking tanks" bristling with fire power.
A high-tech battlefield: Hackers, drone operators, grav tanks, exo-suits and much more.
Campaign rules and random scenario generation.
A full-featured points system to help guide your scenario setup.
A series of aliens covering 12 archetypes from popular fiction and scifi media. Implacable robots, skittering bugs and ancient, refined aliens rub shoulders with honourable warriors and horrifying human-machine hybrids.
* * * * *
A typical game is a reinforced platoon with vehicles in support.
Any figures in your collection can be used, provided they are based individually. Ideal for 15mm.
This is a full stand-alone game and does not require a copy of No End in Sight to play.
Please note if you participated in the beta, contact me with the email used for your complimentary copy."

Perfect Id say for my figures!

Which is cool as I've made the front cover! :)

So many thanks to Ivan. They are also very very cool and I've been reading up on them. I've read some of the Beta AAR's and some of the beta chats. A lot of effort have been put into these and it really shows. Ill be playing a game this weekend! Solo.....which are also covered!

They are available at

And you get a massive 108 pages!  
Rules are often questioned about cost, however if you really saw the time and effort you'd see that for the price of a few pints its a really good investment.

That and I've a number of my pics in the rules :) It has some great other pics to...particularly like the Odzial Army ones :)

I've also  a bunch of other pics Id did for the book, so Id thought Id share some of them here. No more reason then for eye candy and feedback. Always interested in improving my figures , painting , scenery and photography :)

Ill post an AAR this weekend



Tuesday 9 December 2014

More WIP's....these are off to the printers

The BTR 290 Anti Tank Rail Gun Variant

The BTR 290 Area Defence Variant

All parts are off  to the printers asap. Hopefully have them ready for January ....Sales time :)

I am working on a large calibre gun and turret and mixed options will be a choice

comments and suggestions on variants welcome!



Monday 8 December 2014

BDM 525 Pre Orders are Open!

Armiesarmy is very pleased to announce the Pre Order for the BDB 525 “Muskox” multipurpose all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle, designed by the Buzzard Design Bureau. As a special preorder offer, I’ll be offering 10% off and Free Stowage Pack for all orders.

Starting today I will be taking preorders for the BDB 525 multipurpose all terrain infantry mobility vehicle. Primarily used by both the Russian Empires and R.U.S.K armed forces, it is also used by numerous other countries and organizations.

BDB 525

Size comparison

BDB 525 AT variant

Pre orders will each receive 10% off and a ‘stowage/aerial’ pack that can be used for adding that little bit of individualism to their vehicle. I will be taking bookings until the 22nd of December. Vehicles will be shipped within two weeks of the close of this date if not sooner.

There will be two variants on offer

BDB 525 “Muskox” will be £6.50 or 3 for £18

BDB 525 – Kornet” AT will be £7.50 or 3 for £21

Each vehicle contains 5 metal wheels, 2 metal bumpers (fenders), resin hull and 2 turrets. One closed and on open. The ‘Kornet’ will contain one metal Missile set.

More details and pictures can be found at or you can go direct to my shop at 



Monday 1 December 2014

ReWorked WIP.... Xiangyu WZ993 APC

The Xiangyu WZ993 APC
I've reworked the original 'print' ( it was still great) and provided a few new turret options. The original had some design flaws that were not that great when cast in resin. I had a very thin lip rim to the body, which looked nice was really fragile and easy to break. It just wasn't robust enough. I also created open hatches, rather then solid, which I think is nicer. So....I'm about to send this for reprinting, soon as I've made it watertight and the weapons are good.

This is the APC variant, which will carry two of the PLA infantry drones on it tops rear frame. They release when the troops disembark. Carries two fire teams of four men.

The second is the Zheng WZ994 MGS
Fully modular with a replacement Heavy Anti Matter Tank Gun
No date for readiness. I've three vehicles in front of the queue, however they are almost ready for ordering. I've a rather splendid painter working on two of them as we speak and some Russian 'whites' Infantry which were going to be dropped of at the production mold makers this evening...however work has just cancelled that!
Hopefully tomorrow


Here is the original turret. Ill still likely offer this as an option to :) Its also the heavy gun drone:)

Feedback welcome