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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Thursday 26 June 2014 IS OPEN .....NEW WEBSTORE with 10% offer now open !

The time has finally arrived….After much gnashing of teeth and some serious testing of my first spin caster; ArmiesArmy is ready and proud to open its very own web store at
With this opening I’d like to offer everyone a 10% discount on all items. Please use the coupon AAOPEN during the shopping process. Simply add it in the coupon box. 

I’ve done extensive testing of the site but if you do find problems please send me an email to

It has been tested for mac and PC users and I and finishing the final touches on a functioning mobile version working very soon to. 

The new store will carry the entire Armies Army range, including all the favorites once only available at the great Black Hat miniatures and quite a few new items.
Our newest release, the Future War PLA range, will be available for the first time in full with an expanded line, including infantry, Drones, Support Weapons, HQ and Heavier Weapons.
I’ve also expanded the Rusk Militia line with much requested HQ and support weapons.

I have several new vehicles and Forces in development and I’ll be making them available over the next few months. I’ve had some excellent feedback on them and I’m excited to finish up production and release them. I’ll be updating all the usual places and you can follow me on my blog, linked from

As always I’m happy to listen to ideas and feedback, particularly around the website, so I can iron out any gremlins that pop up!

Thanks and welcome to my store :)

Keith, ArmiesArmy

Friday 20 June 2014

Tuesday 17 June 2014

PLA, better pic

I hope, easier to select and zoom

News.....PLA are on the move

Webpage shop ready very very soon and as part of the launch, Ive a flashed out Sino PLA army ready.

I'm very pleased how simple and nice they are to paint up. I was wavering on these in terms of 'flashing' out the line, however I'm now convinced to flash it out fully.

Here is a WIP of the first bunch

The infantry, HQ and support Weapons figures.

Ill add the two infantry LMG drones, two HQ drones (holograph and recon) plus the Heavy Drones plus the heavier weapons teams (Anti Tank, HMG) a little later. I forgot to prime them...
This will be followed by Grenade Launcher, Missile Team and Heavy Cannon Team.

Any other variations you'd like to see let me know. Once Ive sold some.....Ill work on Spec Forces and Power Armor/Full suits