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Tuesday 29 September 2015

ArniesArmy is going to Blast Tastic this Saturday

So if anyone else is going please do pop by and say hello at my stand. If you'd like something in particularly then let me know :)

To celebrate this fact, here is the first of my new releases for the show!

The Insurgent Tank riders.

These will be available in packs of 6 for £3.00  3 different poses

The seated tank crew will be available later.

More will follow as I know whats ready and what isnt! :)


Monday 28 September 2015

Pegasus 'VTOL' updates


Couple of things...first the big one

£1 off the price of the VTOL.....why????? I hear the screaming! Well simply put they cost me less. As I am metal casting the engines in one part ( they look lovely) my costs  (I cast them) have been lessoned. By a pound in that's what I'm reducing it by.

All current presales  (around 30) have had their quids refunded already :) the second item

Here are some size comparison pictures with some SKOV infantry (normally you expect these to be shooting it down...or trying to)

Enjoy the new costings :) Preorders are still available at my webstore



Monday 21 September 2015

Mini Campaign - Part 1 Uprising

Right, finally getting about to running my mini campaign using the fantastic No Stars in Sight Rules by Nordic Weasel .

The campaign is set just after the great purge and all surviving worlds are a little at disarray.. Not surprising as most worlds were wiped out!

Anyone in the Kirov system local insurgent forces are uprising. The SKOV forces have recently raided a small garrison arming themselves with a VPP1 MBT. Limited in tech yet surprisingly powerful given a lack of armour on the planet. How the SKOV have been able to drive it is anybody's guess. Some suspect other forces are involved....

The campaign will consist of small platoon led actions with minimal armour (until I paint more) and will use my new insurgent forces and some of brigades British Forces to represent the Government forces.

Fighting beings tomorrow this weekend....I hope 


Saturday 19 September 2015

VTOL Preoders are open!

V-212 Pegasus VTOL  Preorders

The Bell Boeing V-212 Pegasus is a United Nations multi-mission, tilt rotor military aircraft with both a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short take-off and landing (STOL) capability. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft.

The V-212 originated from the United Nations Weapons Research laboratories which escaped damage during the ‘Great Purge’ due to its hidden location in the Eden Section.  For takeoff and landing, it typically operates as a helicopter with the nacelles vertical and rotors horizontal. Once airborne, the nacelles rotate forward 90° in as little as 6 seconds for horizontal flight, converting the V-212 to a more fuel-efficient, high speed turboprop aircraft. STOL rolling-takeoff and landing capability is achieved by having the nacelles tilted forward up to 45°.Other orientations are possible, such as the "80 Jump" take-off which uses nacelles at 80° to quickly achieve high altitude and speed.

Composite materials make up 95% of the airframe, and prop rotor blades.  Most missions use fixed wing flight 75% or more of the time, reducing wear and tear and operational costs.
The V-212 can carry a squad of 8 – 10 troops and its two pilots. For flak and infantry suppression the Pegasus is armed with dual 20mm Gatling cannon, controlled by the co-pilot and 6 multi-purpose missile systems, 3 on each wing. Dedicated spec ops  and Gunship versions are also under research at the UMWRL.  A Quad aircraft is also under evaluation

The V-212 Pegasus VTOL is ready for preorders at a special price of £12.99 (RRP is £13.99) or a pack of three for £37.50. Preorders will be open for three weeks and delivery will begin one week after if not sooner.  Resin and metal casting are currently in progress.

The Pegasus comes in several parts.  Two tilt rotors, one hull, one tail and then two sets of undercarriage to represent them raised or lowered two Gatling Cannon and two rocket systems.

The Pegasus comes in several parts.  Two tilt rotors, one hull, one tail and then two sets of undercarriage to represent them raised or lowered two Gatling Cannon and two rocket systems.

Preorders will begin on September the 21st ending on October the 5th. Orders will then ship that week.
The cost of one Pegasus is £12.99 (reduced from £13.99) or three for £37.50

Please drop me a note if you have any questions or would like a larger order :)

Thanks for supporting ArmiesArmy. I hope you like this as much as I do!


Tuesday 15 September 2015

Tank Riders....coming soon


I've painted up some tank riders (I'm quite pleased) and the masters are being dropped off at the mould  makers tomorrow evening. I hope they will be ready for action and release for the great Blasttastic show in Bristol on October 3rd.

The figures will available in a variety of packs and options :)

Tank Crew paint ups will follow :)

Saturday 5 September 2015

Xiangyu WZ993 APC - PreView


that all worked ok!

The Xiangyu WZ993 APC will be ready in around 4 weeks time with all the other stuff :)
The Manned, unmannded and  ATGM options will be avilabke

Just awaiting my resin caster to get back from his hols :)

Friday 4 September 2015

Goodies.......UNMC V-221 'Pegasus'

Arrived home today to find a bag of goodies from my 3d print man Bill.

Rapidly opening it to find a bunch of goodies all wonderful, however the one item I've been awaiting was their....just looking at me! :)

The UNMC -221 'Pegasus' tilt rotor troop carrier.