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Monday 26 October 2015

ArmiesArmy....creating terrain!......surely not....muahahhahahha


I've been wanting to do something like this for years and then I met a really cool man whom had far more skill then me and got to the task of making some trenches and bunkers for my 15 men.

Here is what he has come up with (given my ramblings and dimensions).

If anyone wants them ill be offering

1x 8" trench section
1x 4" trench section
1x4" HMG /Gun trench section and roof
2x trench end sections
1x trench to bunker connector
1x trench to bunker door-way connector
1x 90degree trench section

plus a small and larger turret ,which fits my modular weapons slots rather well.......

Everything colonial world needs to keep the hordes out :)

Friday 16 October 2015

VTOL Update

Another apology everyone....

I'm delayed slightly again ! The resin casts had a sticky feel to them and the caster was not happy.He ditched them and is working double shifts over the weekend to get them to me Monday/Tuesday. They will be packed and shipped soon as  they arrive.

Again apologies. Expect some figures in each pack as apologies! I hope that eases the pain:)  The resin caster is a top guy and every know and again a bad batch throws his schedule!



Wednesday 14 October 2015

ArmiesArmy 15mm Tank/APC riders are available at the shop :)

Vehicle riders

One thing that I always think when I am looking  at photos of Russian BTR’s, BMP’s and BMD’s with troops sat on the outside of them( in particular insurgent/militia types) …is ‘wow that’s cool’ and I then think how nice that will look on the varying vehicles of my sci fi range. So…that’s exactly what I did.

This figure pack contains 6 figures and three different poses. They are ideal for insurgents/militia. They are all in the seated position and are available at £3.00 for the 6 figures at

The Tank crew riders will be available in the near future.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

ArmiesArmy 15mm BTR 260 is ready for order!

The BTR-260 is a six wheeled, lightly armoured vehicle, currently under trials by the Russian Federation’s Army, Marine Forces, and VDV (both conventional and orbital drop). Built specifically for quick response vehicle or reconnaissance the vehicle is a shorter wheel based version of the BTR 290.

The BTR-260 has six wheels, and is propelled by third generation hydrogen fuel cells.  The passenger compartment is located to the rear, with seating available around the base of the turret.  Forward of the turret is the crew compartment, main drive system, and communications systems.  Passenger capacity is 4 in the troop bay accessed through large aft door.  Crew is three, driver, gunner, and a commander who also leads the infantry section carried in the IFV model BTR-260. The gunner controls the vehicle as the commander supports the troop section.  The initial variant of the BTR 260 mounts a turret equipped with 27MM autocannon and “Punisher” 10 MM Gatling weapon.  Carries 350 rounds of 27MM, and 12,000 10 MM rounds.  Conceptually the 27MM is loaded with armor piercing rounds, while the 10 MM is reserved for anti-infantry use.  Lacks dedicated anti-tank system, however 27 MM is significant threat to most light armoured vehicles.  10 MM is capable of very high RPM and well regarded as reliable and accurate.  Turret also mounts active countermeasures system, capable of firing smoke, or “Hornet” anti-missile munitions.

The BTR 260 A is now on sale at
The resin and metal vehicle will be £6.50 with a limited time offer of £6.00 for the first few weeks.

Thanks to  Paul​ for providing some of this excellent background. This will be available in the near future in full for several of my vehicles :) This will include some force OOB's for generic rules

Wednesday 7 October 2015

ArmiesArmy New Release Wednesday! WZ993 'XiangYu' APC series.

New releases Wednesday......... (this will change depending on the day:)

After the 'great purge' the PLA was all but destroyed and what was left splintered into warlords and families. One family however discovered an underground facility spared from the purge which was rich in technology. The Han family being limited in man power looked at The next best thing....robotics
Supplementing their forces with robots the Han Dynasty began......

First up is the WZ993 'XiangYu' APC series. This series includes both an automated Gun turret, manned gun turret and a Anti Tank Mobile Gun Platform.   Each APC has a resin hull, 8 metal wheels and separate hatches.  The manned APC will come with a variety of crew figures, which can be cut to fit.

They are available now from

Available at £7.00 rather then £7.50 for a limited time


Monday 5 October 2015

Pegasus VTOL Pre order Update

Hello from armiesarmy HQ!

Just a quick update on the orders. Sadly it looks like the orders will have a slight delay. Rather then shipping out this week, its likely to be a few days later and into next week. The resin mould was just not quite right and the mould maker was not 100% happy with it. The fuselage had some slight bubbles in it an him and me were not happy with it. The good news is that a new one was finished yesterday and production can start again.

I will keep you all updated this week