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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Friday 31 August 2012

Black Hat to sell ArmiesArmy

Black Hat to sell ArmiesArmy

Black Hat Miniatures have been moulding and casting the ArmiesArmy range of 15mm near-future SF figures for Keith at ArmiesArmy over the last few months.

From today Black Hat will now also sell the figures under a royalty agreement.

Keith will continue to develop and promote the range through his blog at:

Black Hat have the first pack for sale in their shop:


and will be producing the next 3 packs which will be:

AA002 R.U.S.K. HQ (6 figures) £2.50 GBP
AA003 R.U.S.K. Heavy Weapons (8 figures) £3.00 GBP
AA004 R.U.S.K. Artillery (3 different guns and crews) £3.50 GBP

in a couple of weeks time once production moulds have been made.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

And the gasmasks.....


Two of them

One is full flash hood gas mask and the other helmet and rebreather style gasmask. Comments as always welcome!



Sunday 12 August 2012

Something to whet your appertite

Just got a few samples, which Ive painted up


And finally a new head swap. Ive simply cut away the old head, drilled and glued. Lick of paint and bobs your uncle

More to follow, just as soon as I get the time!
comments welcome

Thursday 9 August 2012

Sorry...back soon

Hi everyone

Ive not been abducted, well I have in a way, however its been by work. The one that pays the bills. Hopefully will finish a rather major project by Tuesday and I can get back to producing some minis. I have all minis mastered now and just need to create some production molds and then get them up for sale on the website. Once Ive worked out what figures go in which mold Ill get some pre orders up.

I will also catch up with conversions. Ive a head swap set to do and a weapons swap. All heads are now mastered and I can now create the conversions. Weapons upgrades just need to be master and production molded.

not alot to do then....