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Armies Army
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Monday 25 November 2013

The BTR 160 - Versions

Hi all

Andrew mentioned to me he was a little delayed (a few days) on finishing the BTR160. I now know why.......

A marvelous looking set of extras! I'm really, very very pleased with this list of items! Hoping they go to print in the next day or two! Again big thanks Andrew!

BTR  160 /BTR290 Turret
BTR 160 Ambulance
BTR  160 APC
BTR 160 Engineers Vehicle
BTR160 Katyusha 300
BTR 160 Mortar vehicle
BTR 160 Repair and Recovery
BTR 160 Repair and Recovery  with Fuel dispenser
BTR 160 Repair and Recovery with Ammo Trailer
BTR 160 - SK 'Око ' Drone carrier
Fuel Bowser
Ammo Bowser

To add this is all modular! They all work of the base chassis and hull. With the exception of the trailer you can have what you want with anything you like! Really neat and hopefully plenty for people to like! Comments welcome

Probably a few more variants in turret weapons to follow to!

With the brilliance of the design, I am seriously thinking of how my Chinese and British APCS will look.



The Talented Dwartist and the BTR 290

I an in awe of his talents!

Very nice indeed. The final sculpt will be even better! Its off to molding tomorrow.

Friday 22 November 2013

Nation Flags

Ive been playing around with some Flags for my factions if anyone is interested! Thanks goes to Art for creating a higher res version for me!

Im still thinking in a Commonwealth flag...any ideas? :)



Wednesday 20 November 2013

BTR 290.....slight hitch

Sorry to say I have a slight delay in the production of the BTR 290. After some rather spiffing work in progress pictures from the very talented Dwartist I noticed a couple of tiny patches that were touch and the print lines being noticeable. David (dwartist) can be blamed. His fantastic painting showed it up! You couldnt tell on my painting attempts

As a result and a couple of week delay, I thought it better I edge on caution and redo the master mold once I had cleaned it again. This means I have a few of the older copies at hand, which Ill probably use myself :)

So sorry for those waiting, however I think given that the copies will now be perfect....its worth the wait :)



Monday 18 November 2013

BTR 160- SK 'Око'

The BTR 160 is the venerable mainstay of the RUSK armed forces. The vehicle is now mostly used for second line duties or colony defense forces and is being phased out by the introduction of the BTR 290.
 This current model BTR 160 - SK 'Око ' is the a drone carrier. It carries the Sputnik 240 recon drone. The 240 can be armed, however its primary responsibility is real time comms and surveillance.

Im hoping to send the model for printing this week. It will go with the Chinese APC (to be named)
Variants are being modeled and will also be ready soon. The first will be an APC version. It will contain a modified BTR290 turret. 



Wednesday 13 November 2013

Next Generation Vehicles....

Ive been rather busy of late and I'm currently focusing on some vehicles. First is the much awaited BTR! This will be released very shortly, I'm currently trying to build up some stock, which is taking longer then expected due to my caster having to finish off a big project, however they are slowly building up. When I think I have enough, Ill launch the product at Black Hat Miniatures.

Following this, the Chinese APC (to be named..questions on a postcard:)) is off to the printers.Its another favorite from the very talented Nick ..better known as SirFjodin. Hes also working on other bits for me:)

I am also working on a next line of vehicles.  One is a Russian second line/support vehicle of the BTR60 mold. Its a universal APC, with this one being a drone carrier. Other options will follow for with a Command, Mortar, Infantry APC and Katyusha. This is one that a good friend Andrew Burton has sculpted. I really am pleased with this one and its multi use.  It is being prepared for printing :)

Finally I have a couple of more vehicles in the pipeline from a different sculpture again. His name is Handfighter and credit is due! They really are very nice indeed. I cant say to much about them yet, however one is the ZUBR - MT2

Due to the detail, we are both working on preparing the model so it can be printed and cast correctly. Its a little while off, however if you are interested please let me know. To be frank, Ill only create it if I think I can sell it :)

Finally I also bring from the same modeller something for the 'Brit/Commonwealth troops'!
The FV 720 ' Bulldog'

same rules apply. If I can get some good indicators of selling them, Ill be making them. Again we need to work on preparing it for resin and metal masters.

Thanks all

Feedback as allways welcome :)


The PLA HQ , heavy weapons and support weapons simply need to be mastered and prepared for sale. All green work is completed. Ill post these up separately. Hopefully it will give the PLA sales the kick it needs for people to buy :)
These are part of the support weapons - The LMG/SAW gunners

Cheers all


Monday 11 November 2013

The K'Zisla Empire



RUSK Listening Post шесть  Kirov System -  пять /  десять 20:00 Standard System Time

'Comrade Akulav. We have incoming message from Kaspian 3.4 3rd Defense Militia force. It would appear that they are under attack.

************Condition Red***********
static........They came from no where.....we can't stop them...Nooooooo...static.........

Comrade Yerzoz, track last transmission and send a drone.

Comrade Akulav. Drone один is coming online and vectored on last transmission. Incoming live data-feed

We have lost connection to drone один Comrade.

Comrade Yerzoz. Inform HQ that we have an unknown enemy 

Comrade Akulav, we have a second transmission. It is from an unknown source.

static........People of the Earthsss Empiress. Lay down your weapons and surrender. Action is futile. Vokass, lord of the the K'Zisla Empire has been chosen by the one great god that is known as 'Yliss' to rule your worlds. All will bow to the One great God.
We are one we are many.........static

So....welcome to the K'Zisla Empire. Given the sculpt I am sure many people will have different ideas to what  my new line of figures can represent, however these are how they will be used in my own personal world. (Hopefully they will also fit into any nice ruleset..hint hint:)). 

As the range expands the more you will get to understand and the see the forces. Next in line will be a HQ force, Firing Infantry squad,  Heavy weapons team and an assault team. The assault team will be made up of the pistol/force shield wielding figures as shown in the advancing infantry pack currently available. 

The advancing infantry pack is made up of two fire teams. Each fire team has a team leader, heavy rifle, two rifleman and a shield bearer. The shield bearer leads the way and protects the mobile team from incoming fire. Both shield bearers can present their shields together to create a greater defense obstacle when necessary.

Over the next few weeks, Ill leak a little more clues as to the faces behind the masked men....Ive let slip one or two already :) Ill also have a helmet less you can really see whom is behind the mask!

Comments welcome as always!



Sunday 3 November 2013

First Sighting.........

**********Flash Message**************

Forces spotted .........Outpost K20 Charlie Quadrant pos 23.5 N 45.2W

Enemy Unknown

Coat in Citadel Base Averland Sunset
Army Painter strong tone
highlights with base color plus cote de arms bone.
Then highlight in bone
Weapons - bone and linen highlight and wash

Force shield - blue plastic from ring binder :)