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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Wednesday 31 October 2012


I managed to get a little more work on the commonwealth trooper today (still working on name) which will hopefully kickstart me into action (pun intended) for my kickstarter campaign. I am having some design work completed for sketches etc and working on costings, however here are some pics of the latest trooper. It still needs to set, litterally just finished, so the eyeset definition will stand out a little more. That or I dab another green socket on it, when ready

Hope you like them , I have to say I am really pleased! More info to follow


For the keen can probably see some RUSK militia Ive been working on. They have open helmets and scoped rifles. More on that I dont want to overload or bore people!



Comments allways welcome :)

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Spetsnaz Unit - RUSK's

I created these over 6 months ago, however never finished them due to other projects. They needed some guns changing and Ive finally got round to them!

The RUSK Spetsnaz unit contains two four man fire teams, armed with the latest AK Plasma Rifle. The rifle is a considerable upgrade to the original AK's and can fire in sniper mode, standard mode, LMG mode or even as a Grenade Launcher. The GL round fires a significant plasma 'grenade' towards its targets. All fire modes are fully integrated into the upgraded Helmet HUD. To provide support a single member of each fire team, carries a heavier plasma rifle with considerably more firepower including an under slung plasma 'RPG' round, which can even take out Armour.

All  Spetsnaz troops have passed the most dangerous and rigorous training programmes with the help of augmented programmes, such as enhanced skeleton, heightened senses and pain resistance.

Each Spetsnaz unit carries a fully automated Scout drone to provide greater awareness to the surrounding environment

let me know your thoughts :)


Friday 26 October 2012

The start of the Gun...WIP


start of the gun. Its a heavy weapons Im using for the upgunned Rusks. Ive actually just finished them off, well the infantry and will probably get them molded soon.
The weapon is a heavy plasma rifle, normally associated with a gun team or vehicle. I need to add a hose/belt to the backpack and add hands. Im quit liking it. Youll also notice the filters missing, these need to be reattached with a touch of glue.

Let us know what you think and more importanly would you buy them :)

I think im going to sharpen change the shoulder armour to.



Thursday 25 October 2012

A bit more work PA

So Ive added filters on the mask, left arm armour, backpack. This has two inlets in the top, heat exchange on rear, ammo compartment on side and extendable AT missile on side. This can be launched in the raised position directly

Got to work out the gun now. Big F$%^ Off Heavy Machine gun me thinks :)

Which is Ive got one

Then to decide is it worth producing it...

Power Armour....

After some initial discussions on TMP and for what I see as a lack of PA I actually want to use, I thought Id give it a go.

Session 1

 Session 2

Now Im thinking of what weapon to do and what backpack should I think on.





Wednesday 17 October 2012

painted Pics.....

Some not so bad, not so great painted figures of the new HQ and the ATGM MULE

more to come as I get a chance...

Observer Team prepare to fire Mortar Salvo

Friday 12 October 2012

Mule - Univeral Carrier - What do you think?

As it says on the tin.....:)

What do you think? The driver is positined a little more forward and in the open rear you can sit a fire team (4 figures, 6 at a push) Opposite the driver position I will fit a gun mount for a defence weapons. Should be ready in 2-3 weeks if I get the print in time!



Friday 5 October 2012

Manned M.U.L.E

Been playing around with the MULES and have come up with a couple of manned options as opposed to droid /AI. A scout and a med evac version

I think the driver needs to come forward a little bit more to the front, however let us know what you think?

Thursday 4 October 2012

Waiting is over.......sort of...


They are here and not just the two packs! We have the HQ up and ready.
 This consists of a medic ,a GRID/COMMS Operator, 3 Leaders and 1 Kommisoner

We have the support weapons

Which include 2 Gatling Gunners and loaders (they just eat ammo)
1 ATGM launcher team. 1 Plasmas Gunner and 1 sniper / heavy ATR

We have the heavy weapons

 This includes 2 crew. Can be used as remote controllers or  directly attached , 3 gun shields ( you can also simply cut a plastic shield, so its a force-field shield) and 3 different tripod mounts. So you can simply pick and choose. I also think the crew make excellent Forward observers, droid controllers and quite a few other things to.

Finally I have the  M.U.L.E.S
Grav sleds which are AI drone/ support vehicles. The standard MULE for logistical support and cargo. The low signature and sloped armour give this vehicle every chance in the modern  battlefield.

Then the three upgraded armored versions , with reactive frontal reactive armour.
The Arsenal rocket launcher. Multiple rocket launcher system (AA, ATG, Mortar barrage - depending on load out)
The Gun MULE  - carries a Heavy class Grenade Launcher (suitable for any heavy weapon)
The ATGM MULE - carries a Heavy class ATGM  (or AA)

I also have a scout version and med evac ready to go and awaiting casting. The scout version consists of an update sensor suite and is actually manned.
The med evac version consists of the fully automated medical cyrochamber, which provide first class medical support and  a medic/driver companion. Ill have the sculpt pics of this up tonight

I will have some painted pictures up very soon, not that my painting is that brilliant, however it doe's show a different perspective to what the clean casted metal shows! Helps bring out the detail etc

Well hope you like them all and thanks for everyone's support! Appreciated


Tuesday 2 October 2012

Late ....again

Sorry all

Major problem with a gun shield, simply could not cast it regularly. So, we had to restart and rebuild. Masters are being created today and then production moulds. Should be....I say should be ready very soon.

As a bonus for the delays.....sort of! I have also created a grav drone/sled. This comes in combat and none combat versions. Differences are subtle. On the combat versions, we have a reactive armour system on the none combat...we don't! I also have two weapons systems. The arsenal system fires vertical launched missiles. It can fire a number of different rocket/missile types including mortar barrages. The second is a more common heavy ATGM launcher. Either can be controlled by remote or fire team. They are also fully integrated to the platoon leaders or Arty Observers helmet for my loyal comrades the Rusks's.
Another version Ive sculpted and finished is the combat E-Vac. This is a casualty evacuation sled to remove injured comrades on the battlefield.  Pictures to follow very soon!

Another option I am going to try out is a manned version. Can be used as a scout utility vehicle. I just need to see if two figures look like they can fit in.

All 3 heavy weapons can also all attach, however I suspect the HMG and GL work and look best!

I am also going to announce plans for my next line. The commonwealth forces. I simply do not have the resources/funds to cast all figures at once, which I believe is required. I don't think the piecemeal release plan works for me or my customers. So...I am looking at a kickstarter . It will consist of around 20 figures, heavy weapons etc etc and Ill need to raise around the region of £1200 to cover costs. Again, all I aim is to cover my costs and the kickstarters :) Anyhow its all in planning, Ive some professional sketches to show the figures and a test sculpt almost ready to go. The main question is, do I wait until the uk kickstarter is out ( autumn some time) or simply go with the American version. I have an American bank account from my time there so maybe its easier to do that. Plus...if it all fails, Ill simply release bit by bit, unless I get that lottery win!

Anyhow....Ill be back tomorrow with some pics

thanks for your time! Appreciated