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Armies Army
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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Into the Master

Good Day all

Just a quick update

As Ive been to see my mould maker today to take a look at the master mould for my next release of figures!  A little bit of magic is being completed on them, however so far everything looks great! Ill post some pics this week, when Ive some metal ready. Once I get these , Ive a little bit of conversion work on a couple of figures and then its into the production molds.

I will have a 5 man HQ
A support weapons squad 2 gat guns and loaders, 1 plasma gun and loader
Heavy weapons squad - AT rail/gauss gun, HMG, Grenade launcher plus 2 man crew. These will come with a deploy-able weapons pod or wheeled gun carriage.

I have also cast a new weapon and head swaps. Its quite likely Ill do the conversions and then release the figures, as opposed to selling weapons and heads. I may do, if I have enough requests for them:) For the heads, if you think Militia then you wont be far off ! For the weapons, its a more futuristic concept then the AK47, however wont go to amiss in the same forces

Also Ive been working on another two lines. Some sculpts have started and Ill keep you updated. More information to follow this evening when Ive had my tea and the kids are in bed! One is a human force and the other more alien! Aliens are still concept work and humanoid in nature. I know this is far from 'different', however as a small time producer I need to cover my costs and I'm still away off from this! Despite that, I think they are a little different and pretty cool

more to come


Wednesday 20 June 2012

Into Production


a little delay and a little bit of drama later, well a lot of drama later I am ready to start the master mould and production.  The drama? Well , I'll not start, as Ill go on, however I used a new company for a one off sculpt. Well two sculpts. It was before I knew my normal mould expert (who is brilliant) could do a shared mould. I wanted just a couple of copies of each figure for conversions. Very cheap as I only paid for share.  Anyhow, after several excuses about delays it turns out they lost the two sculpts!....see I did start...its really got me annoyed!

In fairness it looks like the company I used, were messed about by a third party company and have offered to replace both miniatures and costs. So I hope to have these re sculpted soon

The lesson.....I should ask my mentor at Black Hat Miniatures before jumping in with something else!

Anyhow, back to my production. I have in the process of production

Light weapons support

4 gun teams. 2 x 2 man squads. One has plasma launcher, two have mini Gatling gun, one has shoulder launched multi purpose missile.

HQ team

1 Comms/Grid
1 Medic
3 Officers

Heavy Gun Team

2 man crew with Grenade Launcher
2 man crew with Heavy Machine Gun
2 man crew with Heavy Gauss/Rail Anti Tank gun

I also have in the production mould some new weapons for the conversions I talked about a while back. These will be used for converting my current troops.The rifles will provide a more futuristic gun.

I also have some new heads for conversions. Again Ill use these for converting the troops. It will give them a more militia feel with a variation of mixed lower tech headgear

So whats missing....well the two sculpts for starts.  First is the Commissioner and second was the ATG rail gunner /sniper.   I'm annoyed as I may have to delay production release as I want a big one off release with full platoons etc on offer

ho hummmmmm

nearly but not quite

Tuesday 12 June 2012

A little bit more...

ATM launcher

HMG dShk 900
 Auto Grenade Launcher

Monday 11 June 2012

New Weapons Support Greens

As promised ,some pics

The weapons support team

Gatling gun team 1

 Plasma Gun team
 Gatling gun team 2
 The gun crew. They can be remote gun crew or manned

Next up will be the manned/remote HMG and Grenade Launcher guns. You may see something a little bit ww2ish :)

Hope you like them as much as I do 

Update....whats coming soon

Hi all

It's been a little while and things have ran a little slower than I hoped, however I can say that in the next few weeks I shall be providing my little Sov RUSKS the support it really needs.

So soon to be released will be

HQ - 3 commanders, 1 medic , 1 Comms/Grid trooper
Support weapons - 2 Gatling guns and 2 ammo/loaders. 1 Plasma gunner
1 Commissioner
1 Sniper
Anti Armour Team - 1 heavy AT missile launcher , 1 Anti Tank Rifle
Heavy Gun Team - 4 crew - 1 Grenade Launcher, 1 Heavy Machine Gun

I will have platoon/company options for purchase as well as individual packs. I may still change the makeup of  the packs, depending upon the molding and casting process. Sadly got to think about the budget and how each fits into the moulds.

Ill be adding some pictures very soon.