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Armies Army
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Sunday 23 November 2014

Scots Guards (Stewart Regiment Hammers Slammers) Launch

A somewhat embarrassing moment .......

I thought id had the Scots Guards on sale for the past month and I started to think nobody and I mean nobody liked them as Id not sold a single one

Then Id realised Id forgotten to put them on my shop for sale...........It might be nobody wants them, however at least I've now a chance to sell them! :)

So...they are up on my shop at

The troops are the Elite Light Infantry of the Commonwealth Forces and largely use the Regular armies kit. As light forces -later releases will provide light Anti Tank Shoulder Launched weaponry, GPMG teams, Sniper team, mortar, portable grenade launchers and the HQ squad. The HQ squad will come with the famous piper :)

More great news!.......

These troops are officially approved for Hammers Slammers to !:) They will supplement my Commonwealth forces and provide troops for the following factions.
Hammers Slammers Forces
Hammers Slammers Stewarts Forces

I am very pleased to be included in the universe! :)

Look out for further announcements :) These troops will be getting some strike vehicles in the near future :)


Saturday 15 November 2014

BTR 160 "Assault"

Finished up the Heavy Turret , small Turret and added a Rusk Militia crewman.
Same colours and techniques

Im happy :)


Thursday 13 November 2014

WIP - Painting a BTR

Thought I would go through with a WIP of my latest model, the BTR 160. Ive chosen to mix the modules up on this one, I as wanted to test the modular method out. Ive taken an Engineers module and a Heavy APC and mixed them up.

First up the primer

First Airbrush with Vallejo Air Russian Tank Primer
Grey wheels and blade

Edge with a khaki mix colour
Add gloss coat
Add Mig Nato Vehicle wash

Add orange door
Add dirt - Mig dusts and fixer
Add rust (need to tone it down a little)
add decals
Spray with matt gloss

Next - The turrets   and crewman :)




Tuesday 11 November 2014

The Russian Empire nears....

The Russian Empire is coming......
Couple more master spins and they will be ready for production molding and release! Figures out within two weeks or so and vehicles around an extra week or two.

The release will include Infantry packs, RPG packs, LMG packs.  A HQ squad , HMG Squad, AT squad and also the Bogatyr and Kurganet Vehicles :)

Just added these
Im pleased with my paint job on this. Not brilliant but effective enough.

Comments welcome :)